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Reviews and Testimonials


~ Margie D (5 star on Google) Philadelphia, PA

Ed Kluska is an amazing talent. He knows astrology like no one I have ever met before. He has given me clear insight into things over and over again. I never knew astrology could tell so much before I met Ed. Now I use him for advice on all our major life decisions, for the timing of important travel and vacations and just for a heads up on what to expect in the year ahead. He has helped me and my husband time and time again, and in hindsight, he has been spot on with his advice. I would not hesitate to recommend Ed to anyone looking for advice or planning a major event or trip.

~ Angel Smith reviewed Kluska Coaching & Astrology — 5 star


I was given a reading as a gift and was impressed with the level of detail and foresight the reading provided. Ed had a very thorough report for me that touched on so many topics, including career, life, and love.


His report gave me guidance in approaching several large life decisions I was facing. Ed also tapes all of his consultations so I was able to go back and listen again and pick up on things that didn't have immediate relevance at the time of the reading.

~ Deborah L Prechtl reviewed Kluska Coaching & Astrology — 5 star


I enjoy receiving Ed's daily blog, using it as a guide to help me with planning, as well as it gives me insight into the energies of the day when it comes to dealing with people.


Ed has only done my chart once, last summer. He did a natal chart as well as a solar return. He was astonishingly on target with where I was in my life at the time, considering he had never met me personally. I think Ed is very gifted and intuitive about people. I recommend visiting with him to get a fresh take and understanding about where you are in your life, as well as some indication of the direction you might follow in the future!


~ Mark Kanty reviewed Kluska Coaching & Astrology — 5 star

Ed Kluska is a consummate professional who always takes his clients interests very seriously. Not what you might think of when you think Astrologer. Ed began with a degree in Physics followed by a Masters in Psychology so his consultations come from a place of deep thought and scientific analysis. Skeptical? Give him a try you'll be pleasantly surprised.



~ Ann Dinan reviewed Kluska Coaching & Astrology — 5 star


Ed is my go-to astrologer whether it be for natal charts, yearly updates or something TOTALLY amazing and helpful: astrocartography! You have to check this out by Ed! He did not know anything about me or my travels and I knew that whenever I went to Cape Town, South Africa.... MAGIC happened. It happened so often that I could clearly see a pattern. Well, Ed did my global astrocartography chart and you guessed it - many of my major lines go straight through Cape Town, South Africa! He is genius!!!


~ Sandy Kesner Comments


I have known Ed Kluska and worked along side him since 1987. I think this longevity speaks to the value I place on our worked together. He is professional, thoughtful, detailed and committed to his profession holding up the highest of standards.

~ Barbie Dahl Comments 

Ed is amazing at helping me understand how to plan my year, even month by month, as changes occur and as I initiate changes in my life. His individual sessions are very powerful, and his interpretations spot-on. Whenever I begin to have anxiety in my life, I go back to the notes from our session, and can count on those easing my day.



 ~ Priscilla Elaine Gorman reviewed Kluska Coaching & Astrology — 5 star


Precise and very accurate. For several years' I have had Ed council me on the best decisions for me to make for the upcoming year. Highly recommend his advice.



~ Von Meichtry reviewed Kluska Coaching & Astrology — 5 star


Ed's astrology work has been very helpful to me in my life, from his newsletter to the individual sessions I've had to interpret my natal chart, relationship chart, and 6 month charts. His short newsletter updates are interesting and fun to read, giving real-time information to guide your personal life and to help interpret current events. Ed is always very professional and friendly, willing to answer any questions. Thanks Ed, for all the years of service!



~ Gary Moreland reviewed Kluska Coaching & Astrology — 5 star


Ed has been a trusted resource in the field of astrology for many years. I feel that he is the real deal and value his insightfulness.


Gary. Columbus, OH



~ Charley Sky Meyers reviewed Kluska Coaching & Astrology — 5 star


Ed is The Man when it comes to astrology. I have recommended him to others with excellent results.


~ Brenda Gelinas reviewed Kluska Coaching & Astrology — 5 star


Excellent blog, helps with working with the daily energies of the people around me and my own feelings.


~ Kacy Eaves reviewed Kluska Coaching & Astrology — 5 star


Ed provides great insight and solid counsel. He is reliable, kind, and professional.


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