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What's going on in your horoscope and your life?


Contact me to schedule a personal consultation so we can plan your future and discuss the issues and opportunities in your life. Call me at 513-861-6100. Let's talk.

Initial Consultation

This comprehensive consultation will give you a great deal of advice and information about your past, present, and future based on your time, date and place of birth. If you don't know your time of birth, I can still work with you.
From this consultation you will better understand the opportunities and challenges for your relationships and career as well as any other area of interest such as marriage, children, parents, work, education, finances, travel, health, retirement, and karma.
Your important long-term cycles and short-term indicators will also be explained so you can better plan your life and future.
All consultations are recorded. You get a recording of the session, a copy of your complete horoscope, and other important printouts.

Forecast update
Forecast Updates

Many clients regularly have their horoscope updated so they can "stay on top of things.” I will review your long-range trends and cycles as well as pinpoint the important time periods coming up so you can make the most of your future.
I will also answer your questions and offer suggestions and strategies for your relationships, family, career, finances, health, and any other area of concern.

Maximize Future

Maximizing Your Future

This service is more proactive. It will help you make the most of your future opportunities with suggestions, visualizations and meditations.


What's more important than understanding the important people and relationships in your life?
This process involves a lot more than sun signs. I will first study dozens of important astrological factors to discover how compatible you are with your spouse, child, parent, friend or boss.
I will then explain to you the harmony and challenges for your relationships including communication, finances, individual needs and life goals so you can more fully understand your relationships.

Jobs Career

Jobs & Career

You want a profession that does more for you than just making a living. People are most successful when they are doing what their horoscope promises.
To determine which jobs and career are best for you, I will study dozens of important factors in your horoscope related to your needs, strengths, talents, aptitudes and capabilities, and then explain the jobs and vocations which best fits your personality and destiny.


Like any parent, you want to understand your children and grandchildren and do what is best for them.
I will clarify your child's strengths and weaknesses along with their needs, talents, and learning abilities. I will also explain how he or she relates to you and offer suggestions and strategies so you can work better with their issues and challenges as well as their talents and abilities.


We all have complications, challenges and issues in our lives, and there are decisions to make with relationships, jobs, career, health, money, business or retirement.
I will give you objective insights and solid solutions for what to do and not do as well as when to take action.

Karmic Insights

Karmic Insights

I will explain the deeper themes and patterns related to the more karmic issues and challenges in your life so you can hopefully lighten some of the “load” you are carrying.



Owning a business, you can easily make mistakes that cost you a lot of time and money.
Owning small businesses for more than forty-five years has given me much firsthand business experience. As a result, I can help you with many of your business adventures and decisions so you don't waste your money.
For example: who to hire, how to negotiate deals and settlements, and when to market and promote. I can also pick the best times for you to open your business, start employees, make offers and settlements, and remodel or close.
From researching hundreds of small businesses, I have seen firsthand that timing is critical. If you start your business or an important project on a "bad" day, is less likely to work out. It will probably struggle no matter how hard you work and try to make it succeed. You will be fighting an uphill battle.

College Choices

College Choices

I can also help you with your children’s college choices. Their horoscope indicates their vocational needs, interests and strengths which points to the best fields of study for them to pursue. And their location map indicates the favorable and unfavorable areas of the country for them to live and study.
You want to know what they should be studying and where they are most likely to succeed so you don't waste your money.


Just as there is a time for everything, there is also a location for everything.
When you vacation, visit or move to another city, your horoscope "relocates." You always have the same horoscope based on your birthplace, but your relocated horoscopes give specific information about what you can expect with other cities and locations.
With this service, I will tell you which cities and areas in the USA and the world are best for you to live, visit, do business or go to school.
In fact, you don't have to visit or live near one of your location lines for them to be in effect. For example, a line can go through an area where you buy your favorite clothes by mail or you have great business contacts.
This is a great tool you can use the rest of your life. Just about every client has confirmed what one would expect from their location maps.

Right Timing
Right Timing

This is one of the most practical ways I help my clients. From years of research, experience and firsthand applications with my life and businesses, I have developed a sophisticated system for good timing.
For example, when to marry, travel, invest, have surgery, apply to college, publish a book, start your website, settle a lawsuit, start a job or business, and buy and sell real estate.
The basic premise here is that "there’s a time for everything." Nothing beats a good plan and hard work, but it surely helps to have the "stars" on your side.
When you start or initiate something at an inopportune time, the chances of succeeding are reduced no matter how hard you try. The better the timing, the greater your chances of succeeding. Even an hour can make a significant difference.
So many times over the years I have seen important personal and professional decisions made on "lousy" days. The results have not been good.


Hippocrates, the Greek physician considered the father of medicine, insisted that his students study astrology. He stated, "He who does not understand astrology is not a doctor but a fool."
Everyone has physical and mental health issues on one level or another. Obviously some people are more challenged and afflicted than others.
There are several important astrological signatures for wellness and illness in your horoscope which can explain your physical and emotional well-being and weaknesses, as well as your proneness to certain illnesses, ailments, and complications.
For example, there are indicators for colds, stress, arthritis and neurosis and for a family history of alcoholism, allergies, heart disease and depression.
There are also indicators to ascertain the duration of most illnesses and complications.
From your horoscope I will explain your lifelong physical and emotional strengths and weaknesses and also detail what you need to be aware of and attend to.
Be clear that this information is not a substitute for proper medical care and diagnosis.


To help you with your retirement, I will research and explain the following factors: your long-range cycles and prospects, the optimum time periods to retire, the best geographical locations for travel and retirement, and the hobbies, interests and activities you will find most fulfilling and rewarding.

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