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Send Payment for Services, Videos and Workshop Recordings

Please click on the yellow "Pay Now" button below to send payment to Ed Kluska after typing a brief description of what it is for.

Once you are on the PayPal page, enter the desired payment amount in the "item price" box in the left column. Then click on the "update" button and the amount will be shown in the "item total" line.


Then simply process your payment by choosing either your PayPal account or a credit card in the right column.


Note: When you are checking out your order, you only need to supply your birth date, time and place of birth if you are ordering a consultation or computer report for the first time. Otherwise, that information is not needed. When entering the dollar amount on the checkout page, do not use any special characters other than the decimal point, as in 90.00 rather than $90.00.

Thank You


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