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Why Astrology?

The Philosophy

More and more people are realizing that astrology can help them gain a better understanding of themselves, their relationships, and life in general.

Using a symbolic language that interconnects the heavens with life on earth, astrology is based on the idea that each moment of time has a message for us, a message related to the cycles of the planets against the backdrop of the stars.

A horoscope set up for a particular place and moment symbolically indicates what will move smoothly and be advantageous, as well as what will create tension and demand adjustments. Most important, a horoscope may be used as an aid in correcting negative habits, realizing positive potentials, and making wiser decisions.

The purpose of astrology is to provide understanding of many things, from one's personal motivations to life's ultimate meaning.

Let's face it; life is complicated. All the people, situations, and events you encounter each day are trying to tell you something, but it's difficult to sort it out. It's like going to a big city for the first time. You feel a bit disoriented and overwhelmed, but if you have a helpful friend or a good map you feel more at home.

In life, astrology can be your friend and road map.  It is not a panacea and is definitely not an excuse for certain behavior, but when used intelligently it gives you an accurate perspective of your life and how it may unfold.


It can help you understand better the significance and impact of each person, place, event, and situation you encounter. For these reasons, those who study astrology seriously soon come to feel that their lives make more sense. They can deal more objectively with difficulties as they arise. They feel more at home with the universe.




About Sun Signs

Astrology is commonly associated with sun signs, probably because of the daily sun-sign columns in our newspapers. Sun signs are important but these columns have little if anything to do with real astrology. Hundreds of other factors besides a person’s sun sign need to be considered in a complete astrological analysis.

Your sun sign may be Leo, for example, which is a loving, creative, playful and extroverted sign, but more of your planetary emphasis may be Cancer which indicates a shy, nurturing, and introverted personality. In other words, the total picture must always be taken into consideration.

Furthermore, when reading my blog and newsletters, it is important to remember that when an astrological sign is mentioned, it refers not to an individual born under that sun sign but to the overall symbolic function of that sign. In fact, your sign may be hardly mentioned for months while other signs are mentioned repeatedly because of the current astrological cycles. This does not imply that the current time period is unimportant for you.

More important is for you to realize that many of the trends and changes outlined in these blog posts may be relevant to you in many different ways; but exactly how they affect you personally depends upon your own horoscope based on your time date and place of birth which is a topic beyond the scope of my general writing.

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