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The Twelve Sun Signs

The traits and qualities for each sign describe more the functions and meanings of the signs versus trying to describe your personality, although at times the descriptions may be entirely accurate. Furthermore, to understand a person’s personality and character from an astrological perspective, there are a multitude of factors in a horoscope to consider besides one's sun sign. These descriptions, though important, are just a part of your natal horoscope makeup.


21 Mar. - 19 Apr. Fire Sign. Exhibits a strong need for independence with no order taking or supervision. Work requiring energy and initiative with no physical confinement. Desire to be the best and/or to crusade.
The leader boss type, executive, and entrepreneur. Anything active, aggressive, competitive, risky, innovative, pioneering, and exploratory. Direct sales and marketing. Physically challenging-the athlete, manual labor, fireman, construction worker, soldier.


20 Apr. - 20 May Earth Sign. Positions of trust and responsibility. Wants security and steadiness rather than sudden changes. Where perseverance, patience, and economy are required.
Business in general and anything with money such as the banker, cashier, bank teller, accountant, economist. The artist, singer, musician, sculpture, painter, designer. Buying, selling, and collecting things of value such as art, jewelry, real estate. The outdoors-forestry, agriculture, farming, geology, landscaping, gardening, conservation.


21 May - 21 June Air Sign. Changes and variety in scope and duties. More than one vocation or several changes during the lifetime. Prefers work where intellect, memory, and communications are exercised. Opportunity to travel, make fresh personal contacts, and do, see, and learn new things. Clever and skillful at light manual labor; averse to hard labor.
Education, teaching, and instruction. Writer, speaker, journalist, linguist, editor, translator. Sales with multiple language skills. The agent, solicitor, clerk. Computers-software engineer, data management, information specialist. News-reporter, magazines, newspapers.


22 June - 23 July Water Sign. Where emotions and sensitivity are constructively employed and not aggravated by discordant conditions. Flexible work often dealing with women, home, and the public. Can tailor, individualize, and customize products to the public or client. Looking after others. Where shrewd, economizing abilities are valued.
Business executive, public relations, politics, and public or civic service. Real estate, land development, housing, contracting, general construction. Interior and home decorating. Food-cook, restaurants, catering. Farming, agriculture, gardening. Motels and hotels. Motherhood and domestic needs. Antiques, commodities, natural resources.


24 Jul - 23 Aug. Fire Sign. Where the natural qualities of leadership and self-assurance can be applied such as manager, director, chairperson, social organizer, and overseer. Where the generous, sunny, warm-hearted, creative, artistic, reliable, strong-principled qualities are exercised. Needs autonomy, importance, social recognition, and respect.
The boss, owner, manager, executive, administrator, doctor, lawyer, sales, big money specialists. Creative professionals-director, artist, musician, actor, film, theater. Anything with entertainment and showmanship. Luxury goods - gold, jewelry, fashion, modeling. Work related to children-toys, games, teaching, counseling. High society, royalty, resorts, recreation, entertainment, fun, games, gambling, showboats.


24 Aug. - 22 Sept. Earth Sign. Where discriminating and analytical abilities are exercised. Routine and detail work. Born servers and workers. Perfectionists. Using the mind and hands.
Service occupations and retail business - repairs, problem-solving, technical, computer work, electronics, business equipment and supplies, food and lodging, health foods, pet shops. Detail work - secretarial and office work, statistics, accounting, bookkeeping, clerical. Teaching, instruction, how-to-do-it, editor-critic. Science and technology-computers, engineering, research, lab work. Health and healing-pharmacist, medicine, nursing, hygiene, , dietitian, nutrition, health foods, herbs, acupuncture, chiropractor, reiki, homeopathy, paramedical, health care.


23 Sept. - 22 Oct. Air Sign. Where the human factor and relationships are essential. Favoring congenial and harmonious atmospheres. Anything to do with people or with art, beauty, and adornment.
Receptionist, liaison, diplomat, public relations, company rep, labor relations, mediator, ambassador. Psychological-counselor, social worker, group improvement, relationships, marriage. Artistic-music, dance, painting, design, entertainment, interior decorating, florist, calligraphy, display, graphic arts, creative advertising. Personal beauty-modeling, fashion, apparel, cosmetics, jewelry, hairdresser. Entertainment and role-playing, all phases of acting. Human resources and development. Law, diplomacy, lobbying.


23 Oct. - 22 Nov. Water Sign. Intense workers, natural concentrators, devoted to work and ambitions. Work done in secret or work structured around society in general, possibly having to do with long-range social changes.
Management of people, services, and resources. Medicine, surgery, emergency room. Psychology, psychotherapy, psychiatry. All areas related to finances-accounting and bookkeeping, banks, loans, credit, credit cards, taxes, insurance, the stock market, brokerage firms, securities, collections, investments. Science and research-chemistry, physics, biology, biochemistry, pharmacology, atomic and nuclear power. Statistics, mathematics, engineering. Politics and the military-industrial complex. Investigator, researcher, FBI agent, criminology. Massage, physical therapy, bodywork. The psychic-occult and parapsychology, Death-mortician and burial.


23 Nov. - 20 Dec. Fire Sign. Need for adventure, growth, excitement, and variety. Where farsighted, free-ranging, ambitious, idealistic, versatile qualities can be exercised and developed. Open and scholarly.
Sales, promotion, marketing, advertising. Consulting. Technology-engineering, inventions, navigation, instrumentation. Aviation, airlines, outer space, aerospace, astronomy. Teaching, scholarship, higher education, universities. Publishing, lecturing, foreign languages, language arts, literature, translator, editing, writer, linguist. Broadcasting, communication arts, radio, and TV. Lawyer. Travel, foreign-import/export, cruises, airlines, companies with worldwide scope. Astrology, philosophy, humanities, futurist. Speculation and gambling-figuring and playing the odds - commodities and futures. Sports-coach, athlete, hunter, racer, camping, the outdoors. Explorer and adventure professions. Religion-priest, rabbi, clergy, ministry, theological scholarship.


22 Dec. - 20 Jan. Earth Sign. Where practical, orderly, patient, economical, resourceful, responsible, and routine qualities can be exercised. Where authority and constructive systems of production and administration can be implemented for the good of a business and the community. Ambitious and conforming.
Business-owner, boss, administrator, manager, executive, office organizer, industrialist. Bureaucracy and all levels of government: federal, state and local. Economics, banking, finances, accounting. College teacher, scientist, engineer. Education-mainly administrative positions. Anything to do with real estate-architecture, building, construction, cement, building materials, surveying, farm equipment. City and urban planning and development. Conservation, earth sciences, geology, ecology, mineralogy, mining, farming. Dentistry, orthopedics, geriatrics. Defense, police, law enforcement, regulatory and correctional services.


21 Jan. - 19 Feb. Air Sign. Where intuitive and mental abilities can be exercised to the fullest. Bright, original, revolutionary, freedom loving, oddball, no rules or limits. More from the head than the heart. Cool, evasive, rational, objective, detached. Analyzing, observing, questioning, experimenting, investigating, exploring, inventing, reforming. Not clouded by tradition or sentiment. What’s new, novel, unusual, progressive, nonconforming and deviates from the norm. Sharing, equality, democracy, public good, brotherhood-sisterhood. Serving humanity and being around people.
Science, engineering, technical, high-tech, computers, electronics, inventions, aviation, aerospace. Psychology, sociology, social work, group and encounter psychology. Public relations and media. Public service, social causes, humanitarian, nonprofit and community causes and reforms. Working with clubs, meetings, conventions, corporations, special interest groups. Human rights, philanthropy, civil rights, feminism, gay rights, legislative politics. Social work. Astrology and metaphysics.


20 Feb. - 20 Mar. Water Sign. Where the creative, intuitive, sympathetic, imaginative, and impressionable qualities can be exercised. Where willpower, toughness, and the rational are not as essential. More subtle, simple, obscure, secret or done alone. Anything alluring or fantasy-oriented or laid-back.
All service occupations. Working with the less fortunate-social services, welfare, charity work, rehabilitation, criminology, prisons, orphanages, social work. Nursing and hospital work. Fine and creative arts-dance, art, movies, music, entertainment, role-playing, theater, film, drama, poetry, fiction, painting, photography, pottery. Museum work, curator, art dealer. Leisure, fun, and vacation related such as playgrounds, cruises, and make-believe. Anything to do with water-sailing, fishing, oceanography, longshore work, the navy. The religious - priest, nun, minister, rabbi. Spiritual and mystical. Helping others-counseling, therapy, healing, guiding and advising, pastoral work, abnormal psychology. Faith healing, hypnosis, unorthodox methods. Podiatry. Caretaker and custodial activities.

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