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Retrograde Heaven

Ed Kluska’s Astrology Newsletter

A planet is retrograde when it appears to be moving backward from the perspective of the earth. It’s like when two railroad trains are moving in the same direction next to each other but at different speeds. The slower train appears to be moving backward relative to the faster train.

If you like retrogrades, now is a good time to be alive. Mercury went direct this morning, but Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto remain retrograde. It’s unusual to have four or more planets retrograde at the same time, so six at once is rare. If you feel like your life is going backward and you can't get any traction, maybe this is why.

Mercury retrograde is well known, but the significance of the other retrogrades for your life and horoscope can be far more critical and even profound, especially at their stationary points when they move from direct to retrograde and from retrograde to direct.

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This Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday there are three * factors - Tuesday Sun-Mars, Wednesday Venus-Neptune, and Thursday Sun enters Virgo.

Monday, August 20

07:46 PM (Moon in Sagittarius 120 Sun in Leo) explained in my last newsletter, Leo and Sagittarius is a confident and energized sign combination with much motivation and confidence. It’s a natural for leadership, exploration, and aspirations as well as sports, athletics, the outdoors, and international travel. People with a Leo-Sagittarius emphasis in their horoscope can inspire others with their generous spirit, idealism, spark, and confidence.

07:46 PM Moon goes Void until entering Capricorn at the end of the day.

11:59 PM AM Moon enters Capricorn where it remains until early Thursday afternoon when it enters the next sign, Aquarius. With Moon in Capricorn and the Sun nearing the end of Leo, we have a sign combination which can bring mighty successes. Many successful professionals, executives, and business leaders, especially in the entertainment business, have a Leo- Capricorn emphasis.

Both signs are strong and willful. They like power and the good things life can provide. Leo brings it’s naturally confident, generous, and sunny nature to whatever it is involved with. Capricorn offers pragmatism, focused efforts, and executive skills. However, there are differences. Leo is more friendly, spontaneous, expressive, and easier to get to know. They enjoy the moment. Let’s go out and party. Capricorn is more guarded and cautious. They often sacrifice immediate pleasures for future goals. Let me stay longer at the office so I can plan for tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 21

05:00 AM (Moon in Capricorn 120 Uranus in Taurus) enhances the opportunity for instincts, attentiveness, willfulness, intuition, and forward-looking aspirations especially regarding practical and business matters because the earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn, are involved.

05:33 AM (Moon in Capricorn 00 Saturn in Capricorn) this once in a month aspect provides an atmosphere for orderly, steady, conscientious, pragmatic, and realistic plans and activities, especially involving business and professional matters because again, the earth signs are involved. This aspect can also bring some realities about your family and the females in your life. People with this lunar aspect are responsible, hard-working, and conscientious, but can also be somber, pessimistic, lonely, and find it difficult to express their feelings and emotions.

Note the proximity of the two lunar aspects above with Moon aspecting both Uranus and Saturn within a short period.

11:44 AM (Moon in Capricorn 150 Node in Leo) favors teamwork and networking and enhances social interactions and any connections or alliances with groups large and small.

06:51 PM * (Sun in Leo 150 Mars in Capricorn) brings the potential for hastiness, stubbornness, and ego battles, especially involving males. This aspect can also bring disputes, differences, intolerance and heightened differences, and typically coincides with accidents, natural disasters, aggression, violence, and escalated military tensions.

With this aspect in effect, it’s more appropriate to be patient and tolerant than pushy and demanding which may only antagonize others. On the plus side, this aspect generates much energy, willpower, and determination which, if directed properly, can help you be more competitive, productive, and achieving.

Wednesday, August 22

12:29 AM (Moon in Capricorn 150 Mercury in Leo) brings opportunities for communication, discussions, writing, and sales. Being in Capricorn and Leo, this aspect brings additional opportunities business and professional matters.

06:36 AM (Moon in Capricorn 90 Venus in Libra) fosters cooperation, cheerfulness, affections, pleasantries, gracefulness, emotional sharing, and artistic expression, especially involving females.

07:26 AM (Moon in Capricorn 60 Neptune in Pisces) brings opportunities for healing, prayer, spirituality, mysticism, meditation, psychic phenomena, daydreaming, imagination, creativity, music, art, and other creative endeavors.

08:20 AM (Moon in Capricorn 60 Jupiter in Scorpio) enhances social consciousness, kindness, helpfulness, benevolence, positive feelings, and emotional support.

Note the proximity of the two lunar aspects above with Moon making favorable aspects to both Neptune and Jupiter within a short period.

02:45 PM (Moon in Capricorn 00 Pluto in Capricorn) this once in a month lunar aspect can create power and authority as well as subtle yet highly charged emotional situations involving manipulation, hidden motives, and power struggles which are often not realized until later.

05:09 PM * (Venus in Libra 150 Neptune in Pisces) can create high ideals and an excellent receptivity for beauty, art, and music. People with this aspect have deep and far-reaching desires for love and emotional rapport. Venus and Neptune represent all that’s good about love and life, but the hopes, dreams, idealism, and fantasies they promise are often hard to realize. So, if you are on a date or you meet someone new around this day, love may be “in the air,” but remember to keep your feet on the ground.

Thursday, August 23

12:08 AM * (Sun moves from Leo to Virgo) where it remains until September 22 when it enters the next sign, Libra. With the Sun in Virgo, it’s a good time to focus on and practice the positive qualities associated with Virgo: analytical, discriminating, service-oriented, helping others, health and hygiene oriented, efficient, productive, and dependable workers, good at troubleshooting and rearranging faults and flaws, modest, and not needing special attention.

10:18 AM (Moon in Capricorn 00 Mars in Capricorn) this once in a month lunar aspect can be quite productive and business-oriented with the emphasis in Capricorn. This aspect can also bring heightened emotions, impatience, impulsiveness, strong desires, and forceful actions.

10:18 AM Moon in Capricorn goes Void until early this afternoon when it enters the next sign, Aquarius.

12:55 PM Moon enters Aquarius where it remains until early Sunday morning when it enters the next sign, Pisces. With Sun in Virgo and Moon in Aquarius, we have a bright, critical, and exacting sign combination with tremendous mental potentials. Aquarius rules inventions, sudden insights, and scientific breakthroughs while Virgo brings a logical and step-by-step approach. Aquarius provides freshness and creativity while Virgo offers discrimination, order, and discipline.

Many clients with an Aquarius-Virgo emphasis in their horoscopes are involved with computers, technology, electronics, science, engineering, and research versus poetry and the arts, for example.

05:54 PM (Moon Aquarius 90 Uranus in Taurus) enhances instincts and willfulness, but also creates nervousness, anxiety, upsets, emotional tensions, strained nerves, craving sensations, restlessness, excitability, and emotionally charged situations.

How to Benefit from This Information

These newsletters are not intended to tell you what is going to happen in your life at the times given. Instead, the aspect descriptions provide some of the possibilities for around the times given so you can more wisely plan for and participate in your life. Often, it is obvious which time frames are better than others for timing or starting a party, trip, decision, business, or any other event, for example.

The * factors listed are more significance for right timing because they are in effect for a more extended time (often up to a week). Any business, project, decision, relationship, wedding, and childbirth, for example, started around the dates given will have the qualities and characteristics of the descriptions listed.

The lunar (Moon) aspects listed are less significant because they are in effect for only hours (versus days) before and until the times (Eastern Time) given, but they are still quite relevant for right timing.

The most critical factor with right timing is what’s occurring in your horoscope. When negative aspects dominate your horoscope, the chances of success with right timing diminish no matter how good the aspects are in the sky. These newsletters cannot cover what is occurring in your horoscope, but if you apply the information in these newsletters with common sense, you have an advantage with timing your decisions and activities.

The basic premise with right timing is that it helps to have the "stars" on your side. Starting a marriage, trip, surgery, business, real estate deal, or a major purchase, for example, at an inopportune time reduces the chances of success no matter how good your intentions and how hard you try. The better the timing, the higher your chances of success. Even an hour can make a significant difference in important decisions and events.

With Void periods, there tends to be a lull in the energy levels, and what you start, or implement is less likely to turn out the way you planned or expected. So, during Void periods it’s usually better to do things with less significance or no purpose in mind versus trying to start something new and vital. If you have a new idea, meet someone new, or start a business, for example, those activities are less likely to amount to much.

The Moon enters each sign of the zodiac about every 28 days and remains in that sign for about two and a half days. When the Moon’s in your sun sign, matters are likely to come more together for you on a short-term basis unless there are now significant challenging aspects in your horoscope.

Note that the traits given for each sign in these newsletters are not intended to describe your personality, although at times the descriptions may be entirely accurate. Furthermore, to understand a person’s personality and character fully from an astrological perspective, there are dozens of other factors in a horoscope to consider besides one's sun sign.

To know what’s going on in your horoscope and to make better decisions at better times, contact me. We will schedule a private consultation at my office or on the phone, so you can know more about your future and better understand the issues and opportunities in your life as well as your relationships, job, career, education, finances, children, parents, travel, health, location, retirement, karma, and purpose in life.

Ed Kluska

B.S. Physics

M.S. Psychology

C.A. Certified Astrologer

Meditation Teacher

47 Years in Practice

545 Ludlow Ave

Cincinnati, OH 45220


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