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Warnings: The Results Are In

Ed Kluska’s Astrology Newsletter

Last week's newsletters, A Week of Warnings and Full Moon Eclipse Weekend, stated "this week will be significant. The energies are on the intense side. There will be many extremes, from the weather to politics. Friday there’s a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, and two major stress aspects are peaking, Sun square Uranus on Wednesday and Sun opposite Mars on Friday.

For the world, this planetary combination increases the possibilities for outbursts, rage, strife, assaults, attacks, accidents, injuries, violence, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, extreme weather, damaging storms, and battles, suicide bombings, and terrorist acts.”

As an experiment, I recorded the headlines from different news services over this past week. Although in recent years there's typically an extreme event or tragedy every day, this past week seemed to be off the chart with the number and severity of extremes. What do you think?

Missouri Duck Boat Tragedy claims 17 lives including nine members of one family.

Toronto Shooting Shakes City amid a rash of violence. In the end, two people were killed and thirteen were wounded.

Greek Wildfires devastate resort areas near Athens leaving at least 74 dead and more than 100 injured in the country’s deadliest fire season in more than a decade.

Laos Dam Collapses leaving hundreds missing and unknown number dead as villagers take refuge on rooftops above the flood waters.

Pakistan Election marred by suicide bomb as Imran Khan seeks power. The attack in Quetta killed 31 people and wounded 35 others when a deadly blast rocked a polling station as Pakistan votes in a general election.

July’s Heat Wave is one for the books all across the globe. Temperature records shatter by the thousands.

Japanese Heat Wave classified as a natural disaster, warning citizens Tuesday to stay inside and avoid life-threatening temperatures. At least 65 people have died in the blistering heat and more than 22,000 people have been taken to hospitals with heat stroke symptoms.

The Weather in American has many at risk. Heavy rains drenched much of the Northeast for a fourth consecutive day Tuesday, swelling rivers and flooding roads, while the western U.S. endured scorching temperatures and heat warnings. About 40 million people from Washington state to Arizona were under an excessive heat warning. About 32 million people were under a flood watch, most of them in the East.

ISIS Suicide Bombings kill dozens, setting off intense fighting in Syria as bombers struck an open-air market and other targets. The four attacks killed dozens of people and injured dozens more.

Facebook's Fall will go down as not only its worst since going public six years ago but the darkest in U.S. stock market history. A record $100 billion of the social media stock’s market value was wiped out Thursday in a record-breaking losing day that eclipsed the prior single-session record loss of $91 billion suffered by computer chip maker Intel during the tech-stock meltdown in 2000.

California's Carr Fire jumps Sacramento River, reaching outskirts of Redding fueled by high temperatures, wind, and low humidity. 500 buildings and at least 125 homes have been destroyed

Michael Cohen dropped a collusion bombshell in the Russia investigation.

The USA is the most dangerous developed country in which to give birth. More than 50,000 American mothers are severely injured giving birth every year, and roughly 700 end up dying. About half of those deaths and injuries would be prevented if hospitals simply provided better care, USA Today found.

Texas Nursing Home Shooting leaves five people shot including the suspected gunman in a Friday night attack at a Texas nursing home and the home of one of the people slain.

Michigan Motel Massive Fire kills a woman and five children from same family.

Trump Losing Hillary Haters which could cost Republicans the House in Midterms.

New Orleans Shooting with two armed individuals walking up to a crowd gathered Saturday evening outside a strip mall in New Orleans and opening fire, killing three people and wounding seven more. The shooting happened on a busy thoroughfare about 3 miles from the French Quarter.

Not to Be Outdone our local TV news reported that “this has been a violent week” with four persons killed by gunfire in four separate incidents. I suspect that most cities experienced an uptick in accidents, crime, and murders this past week.

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