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Weekend Update

Ed Kluska’s Astrology

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This weekend there are four * factors: Mercury into Leo on Friday, Mercury-Uranus on Saturday, Sun-Mars on Saturday, and Venus-Pluto on Sunday. The last three can present challenges, but they are not significant deterrents for right timing like the Sun-Saturn aspect covered in my last newsletter.

Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, and Aquarius should be aware that Mars, now retrograde at 09 degrees Aquarius, may be creating conflicts, urgency, impulsiveness, and stress for anyone born around the ninth day of Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, and Aquarius and for anyone with planets or points around 09 degrees of the same signs.

All signs should know that Jupiter, the planet of hope, opportunity, and expansion, now retrograde at 13 degrees Scorpio, is offering opportunities for anyone born around the sixth of any month and for any planets and points in your horoscope around 13 degrees.

Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, and Capricorn should be aware that Saturn retrograde at 05 degrees Capricorn is likely creating challenges, tests, delays, losses, and realities for anyone born around the twenty-sixth of March, May, June, July, September, and December and for anyone with points or planets around 05 degrees of Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, and Capricorn.

Taurus, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Aquarius should be aware that Uranus now at 02 degrees Taurus may be creating significant shifts, changes, adjustments, and even shocks for those born early in these signs as well as for anyone with planets and points around 02 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Pisces should know that Neptune, currently retrograde at 16.5 degrees Pisces, is possibly bringing confusion, deception, and even debilitating situations for anyone born around the seventh of March, June, August, September, October, and December as well as for anyone with planets and points around 16 degrees of these signs.

Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, and Capricorn should be aware that Pluto, the planet of transformation and new beginnings, currently retrograde at 20 degrees Capricorn is likely producing significant changes for those born around the eleventh of January, April, June, July, August, and October, and for anyone with planets or points around 20 degrees of the same signs.

Friday, June 29

01:16 AM * (Mercury enters Leo) Mercury moves from Cancer to Leo where it remains until September 05 when it enters the next sign, Virgo. Mercury changing signs is generally not significant, but this time it is. Mercury will be in one sign, Leo, for longer than usual. It will go retrograde on July 26 and then go direct on August 19 all while in Leo. During all this time, Mercury will bring ideas and intellectual benefits to Leo and the other fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius, as well as the house in your horoscope ruled by Leo.

04:57 AM (Moon in Capricorn 00 Pluto in Capricorn) symbolizes females who are influential, productive, and probably psychic. This lunar aspect also increases the possibilities for practicality and solid business plans as well as deeper feelings and psychic impressions.

04:57 AM a long Void period begins as Moon in Capricorn goes Void until early Saturday morning when it enters the next sign, Aquarius.

Saturday, June 30

12:36 AM Moon enters Aquarius where remains until Monday afternoon when it enters the next sign, Pisces. With Sun in the water-sign Cancer and Moon in the air-sign Aquarius, we now have a contrast in the sky.

Cancer is more sentimental and feelings based. It desires assurance and emotional attachments and seeks what is safe, secure, and familiar. Aquarius is more objective and mentally oriented. It wants freedom and emotional detachments and seeks what is new, novel, and experimental.

Cancer is more absorbing and unifying. It wants to create nurturing emotional bonds and is related to home and parenting. Aquarius is more individualistic and separate. It wants intellectual and stimulating social interactions and is related to friends and acquaintances.

Cancer says, “I want to get close to you and nurture you.” Aquarius says, “give me my space. If you get too attached to me, I will pull away.” These differences are significant if you are in a Cancer-Aquarius relationship, if both signs have emphasis in your horoscope, and to a lesser degree, your fourth and eleventh houses are active. One part of you is more sensitive and emotionally connected. The other part of you is more objective and intellectually oriented.

In relationships, the sentimentality and clinging nature of Cancer can confuse and frustrate the objectivity and independence Aquarius wants. And the cool, intellectual, and detached nature of Aquarius can frustrate the emotional responses Cancer needs. On the plus side, Cancer can help Aquarius become more emotionally connected with those they love. And Aquarius can help Cancer become more objective and stable with their emotions and feelings.

04:00 AM (Moon in Aquarius 180 Mercury in Leo) creates an active exchange between the conscious and unconscious minds which favors reflection, communication, discussions, and writing.

04:37 AM (Moon in Aquarius 90 Uranus in Taurus) enhances instincts and willfulness, but also brings nervousness, anxiety, upsets, restlessness, excitability, and emotionally charged situations.

09:01 AM * (Mercury in Leo 90 Uranus in Taurus) in effect the past few days, this aspect can bring quick minds and sudden insights. People with this aspect can be creative, original, brilliant, and inventive, but at times their minds dance from one subject to the next so rapidly that they cannot thoroughly take in and digest any subject. They get bored and restless, and often intellectually rebel against too much tedium. They can be abrupt and impatient with people who plan and plod along because they want everything to move along quickly and spontaneously.

12:45 PM (Moon in Aquarius opposite Node in Leo) favors teamwork, networking, social interactions, and enhances any connections or alliances with groups large and small.

07:09 PM (Moon in Aquarius 00 Mars in Aquarius) can prompt you to be more bold and direct but this aspect can also bring heightened emotions as well as impatience, impulsiveness, strong desires, and forceful actions.

07:28 PM * (Sun in Cancer 150 Mars in Aquarius) this aspect in effect for the past few days can bring hastiness, stubbornness, and ego battles, especially involving males. It is also related to disputes, differences, intolerance, and heightened differences, and often coincides with accidents, natural disasters, aggression, violence, and escalated military tensions.

With this aspect in effect, it’s more appropriate to be patient and tolerant as opposed to being pushy and demanding which may only alienate others. On the plus side, this aspect can generate much energy and determination which, if directed properly, can help you be more competitive, productive, and achieving.

Sunday, July 01

04:02 AM (Moon in Aquarius 90 Jupiter in Scorpio) can enhance social consciousness, kindness, helpfulness, benevolence, positive feelings, and emotional support.

07:58 AM * (Venus in Leo 150 Pluto in Capricorn) this aspect in effect the past few days brings the potential for intense and complicated romantic situations. People with this aspect can be overly affected by their emotional intensity, fanatic attachments, and sexual desires. If you meet someone new or start a new romantic relationship around this date, be aware of your underlying motivations.

06:55 PM (Moon in Aquarius 180 Venus in Leo) can bring cheerfulness, pleasantries, gracefulness, peaceful times, emotional sharing, and artistic expression, especially involving females.

How to Benefit from This Information

These newsletters are not intended to tell you what is going to happen in your life at the times given. Instead, the aspect descriptions give some of the possibilities for around the times given so you can more wisely plan for and participate in your life. Often, it is obvious which time frames are better than others for timing or starting a party, trip, decision, business, or any other event, for example.

The * aspects listed are more significance for right timing because they are in effect for a more extended period of time (often up to a week). Any business, project, decision, relationship, wedding, and childbirth, for example, started around the dates given will have the qualities and characteristics of the descriptions listed.

The lunar (Moon) aspects listed are less significant because they are in effect for only hours (versus days) before and until the times (Eastern Time) given, but they are still quite relevant for right timing.

The most critical factor with right timing is what’s occurring in your horoscope. When negative aspects dominate your horoscope, the chances of success with right timing are diminished no matter how good are the aspects are in the sky. These newsletters cannot cover what is occurring in your horoscope, but if you apply the information in these newsletters with common sense, you have an advantage with timing your decisions and activities.

The basic premise with right timing is that it helps to have the "stars" on your side. Starting a marriage, trip, surgery, business, real estate deal, or a major purchase, for example, at an inopportune time reduces the chances of success no matter how good your intentions and how hard you try. The better the timing, the higher your chances of success. Even an hour can make a significant difference in important decisions and events.

With Void periods, there tends to be a lull in the energy levels, and what you start or implement is less likely to turn out the way you planned or expected. So, during Void periods it’s usually better to do things with less significance or no purpose in mind versus trying to start something new and vital. If you have a new idea, meet someone new, or start a business, for example, those activities are less likely to amount to much.

Note that the traits given for each sign in these newsletters are not intended to describe your personality, although at times the descriptions may be entirely accurate. Furthermore, to understand a person’s personality and character fully from an astrological perspective, there are dozens of other factors in a horoscope to consider besides one's sun sign.

To know what’s going on in your horoscope and to make better decisions at better times, contact me. We will schedule a private consultation at my office or on the phone so you can know more about your future and better understand the issues and opportunities in your life as well as your relationships, job, career, education, finances, children, parents, travel, health, location, retirement, karma, and purpose in life.

Ed Kluska

B.S. Physics

M.S. Psychology

C.A. Certified Astrologer

Meditation Teacher

47 Years in Practice

545 Ludlow Ave

Cincinnati, OH 45220


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