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Friday Is Special

Ed Kluska’s Astrology Newsletter

An exceptionally favorable planetary alignment in effect this past week culminates early Saturday morning. As explained in previous newsletters, this alignment involves Venus (the planet of love, money, and values), Jupiter (the planet of luck, fortune, and prosperity), and Neptune (the planet of imagination, expansion, and spirituality). The aspects between these planets are explained later in this newsletter.

This does not mean everyone is going to win the lottery and peace will dominate the world, but according to the principles of right timing, this is one of the best planetary alignments for this year. There’s a green light for most new ideas and projects. Any child born or business started around this time will have the blessings of this alignment.

Making decisions and starts at a certain time is related to Election Astrology. Over the years I have seen important personal, professional, and business decisions made at "lousy" times. The results have not been good. With right timing by the stars, nothing is guaranteed, but the better the timing, the higher the chances are for success.

Contact me so I can explain how you can still take advantage of this unique alignment.

This water-sign alignment may explain the heavy rains and flooding across our country, but this is also helping people heal and grow with meditation, mindfulness, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and other spiritual practices related to the water signs (Cancer Scorpio Pisces).

Saturday evening and early Sunday morning are a bit edgy with Moon adversely aspecting Uranus and Mars. The other relevant factors for this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are listed below. The more important factors are indicated by a * next to the dates. They are in effect for days versus hours. There are four of them over this weekend. Two on Friday and two on Saturday.

~ Friday, June 01

10:13 AM * (Mercury in Gemini 120 Mars in Aquarius) People with this aspect in their horoscope speak clearly and decisively. They enjoy vigorous discussions and debates and can be a competent lawyer, public speaker, and salesperson. They have a talent for directing people and making decisions and have an aptitude for writing, especially criticism and satire.

10:28 AM * (Venus in Cancer 120 Jupiter in Scorpio) This important aspect involves the two main benefic planets in astrology, Venus and Jupiter. People with this aspect tend to be happy. They also tend to have good luck and material blessings and want to share their good fortune and joy with others.

12:57 PM (Moon in Capricorn 180 Venus in Cancer) fosters cooperation, cheerfulness, affections, pleasantries, gracefulness, emotional sharing, and artistic expression, especially involving females.

11:36 PM (Moon in Capricorn 00 Pluto in Capricorn) emotions are magnified especially involving females and family matters. This aspect also increases the possibilities for solid and practical business plans and decision because it’s in the earth-sign Capricorn.

11:36 PM Moon in Capricorn goes Void until Saturday evening when it enters the next sign, Aquarius. This is another long Void, so it is worth repeating that during Void periods, there tends to a lull in the energy levels. What you start or implement is less likely to turn out the way you planned or expected. During Void periods it’s usually better to do things with less significance or no purpose in mind versus trying to start something new and vital.

~ Saturday, June 02

04:25 AM * (Venus in Cancer 120 Neptune in Pisces) People with this aspect have a deep and far-reaching capacity for love and emotional rapport. There is a desire to bring peace and joy to others with their presence. They have high ideals and an excellent receptivity for beauty, art, and music.

So, if you are on a date or you meet someone new around today, love may be “in the air.” Remember though to keep your feet on the ground. Venus and Neptune represent all that’s good about love and life, but the hopes, dreams, idealism, and fantasies they bring are often hard to realize.

09:15 AM * (Mercury in Gemini 150 Saturn in Capricorn) This aspect occurs twice a year and can bring differences of opinions as well as problems and delays with contracts and agreements. People with this aspect have excellent powers of observation and a depth to their thoughts. Mercury is thoughts and thinking, and Saturn is deep and thorough. They prefer the concrete and practical versus the abstract but are prone to be inhibited, mistrustful, and anxious. In fact, their thoughts are so deep, serious, and critical that they often wish they were not so heavy and thorough. They want to feel “a bit lighter” but their mind keeps wanting to figure everything out with preciseness and exactness.

07:58 PM (Moon in Aquarius 90 Uranus in Taurus) can bring nervousness, anxiety, upsets, emotional tensions, strained nerves, craving sensations, restlessness, excitability, and emotionally charged situations, especially involving females and family matters.

~ Sunday, June 03

01:07 AM possibly a stressful period because this is the midpoint in time between two challenging lunar aspects, the one above and the one below.

06:21 AM (Moon in Aquarius 00 Mars in Aquarius) can intensify any interpersonal situation. There is more likely to be impatience, intensity, impulsiveness, strong desires, and even anger and forceful actions. If you are trying to resolve an issue with someone, for example, be aware that volatile emotions are more likely than rational thinking.

08:38 AM (Moon in Aquarius 180 Node in Leo) enhances social interactions, networking, and any connections or alliances with groups large and small.

03:05 PM (Moon in Aquarius 120 Mercury in Gemini) creates a more active exchange between the conscious and unconscious minds which favors reflection, communication, discussions, sales, and writing.

09:22 PM (Moon in Aquarius 120 Sun in Gemini) emphasizes the harmony in the sky between the current Sun and Moon signs. People with a Gemini-Aquarius emphasis in their horoscope are typically bright, friendly, and conversant. Their quick minds and intellectual bent help them with any career related to data, information, computers, technology, networking, education, and training groups.

And where this favorable sign combination is in their horoscope, there is a lifetime of benefits as it is for any harmonious aspect in your horoscope. For example, if you have a Gemini-Aquarius planetary combination in your second house which is related to money and talents, your sixth house which is related to work and jobs, and your tenth house which is related to business and career, you will more likely experience professional successes due to your intellectual and communication skills.

Contact me for your Special Prosperity Report which will identify and explain the gifts, blessings, and talents in your horoscope.

01:09 AM Monday morning (Moon in Aquarius 90 Jupiter in Scorpio) increases the possibilities for social consciousness, kindness, helpfulness, benevolence, positive feelings, and emotional support.

How to Benefit from This Information

These newsletters are not intended to tell you what is going to happen in your life at the times given. Instead, the aspect descriptions give some of the possibilities for around the times given so you can more wisely plan for and participate in your life. Often, it is obvious which time frame is better than others for timing or starting a party, trip, decision, business, or any other event.

The more important aspects listed in these newsletters are the non-lunar aspects indicated by a * next to the dates. They should be given greater consideration for right timing because they are typically in effect for about a week before the date given. Any business, project, decision, relationship, and childbirth, for example, started around the dates given will have the qualities of the aspects in effect on those dates.

The Moon (lunar) aspects listed in these newsletters are less significant because they are in effect only for hours before and until the times (Eastern Time) given, but they are still important to consider for understanding what is occurring at the time and for right timing.

The most critical factor with right timing is what’s occurring in your horoscope. When negative aspects dominate your horoscope, the chances of your success with right timing are diminished no matter how good are the aspects are in the sky. These newsletters cannot cover what is occurring in your horoscope, but if you apply the information in these newsletters with common sense, you have an advantage with timing your decisions and activities.

The basic premise with right timing is that it helps to have the "stars" on your side. Starting a marriage, trip, surgery, business, real estate deal, or a major purchase, for example, at an inopportune time reduces the chances of success no matter how good your intentions and how hard you try. The better the timing, the higher your chances of success. Even an hour can make a significant difference in important decisions and events, whether you know it or not.

With Void periods, there tends to a lull in the energy levels, and what you start or implement is less likely to turn out the way you planned or expected. So, during Void periods it’s usually better to do things with less significance or no purpose in mind versus trying to start something new and vital.

To know what’s going on in your horoscope and to make better decisions at better times, contact me. We will schedule a personal and private consultation at my office or on the phone so you can know more about your future and better understand the issues and opportunities in your life as well as your relationships, job, career, education, finances, children, parents, travel, health, location, retirement, karma, and purpose in life.

Ed Kluska

B.S. Physics

M.S. Psychology

C.A. Certified Astrologer

Meditation Teacher

47 Years in Practice

545 Ludlow Ave

Cincinnati, OH 45220


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