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Monday through Thursday

Ed Kluska’s Astrology Newsletter

Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, and Capricorn be aware of Mars now at 13 to 15 degrees of Capricorn. This position can create impulsiveness, conflicts, and increased demands for anyone born around 13 to 15 degrees of these signs and for anyone with planets or points around the same degrees of the same signs. With right timing, it’s important to know this and other factors which can make you more vulnerable of making mistakes due to increased stress.

All signs should be aware of Jupiter, the planet of hope, opportunity, and expansion, retrograde at 21 degrees Scorpio offering opportunities for anyone born around the twelfth of any month and for any planets and points in your horoscope around 21 degrees.

Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, and Capricorn be aware of Saturn now at 09 degrees of Capricorn. This position is likely creating challenges, tests, delays, losses, and harsh realities for anyone born around the thirtieth of March, May, June, July, September, and December and for anyone with points or planets around 09 degrees of the same signs.

Aries, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Capricorn be aware of Uranus now at 28 degrees of Aries. This position is likely to create sudden shifts, changes, and even shocks for anyone born around the nineteenth of January, April, July, September, October, and November and for anyone with points or planets around 28 degrees of the same signs.

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius be aware of Uranus at 28 degrees of Aries which can create positive changes and even dramatic breakthroughs for anyone born around the nineteenth of April, August, and December and for anyone with points or planets around 28 degrees of these signs.

~ Monday, April 09

Moon entered Aquarius this morning where it is in harmony with Sun in Aries until Wednesday afternoon when it enters the next sign, Pisces.

Aquarius-Aries is a strong and willful combination with many favorable attributes. The fire of Aries warms the mental attributes of Aquarius, and the air of Aquarius fans the enthusiasm of Aries. No two signs value their freedom more than Aries and Aquarius. It’s “give me freedom or give me death” for this combination aligned with the activist, feminist, reformer, and liberator.

Aries thrives on excitement with no boundaries, restrictions, or physical confinement. For this sign, there’s no desire for order taking or supervision. It wants work that requires energy and initiative, and allows them to crusade and be the best. Aquarius is more intellectually oriented. It thrives on mental stimulation and independent thinking. It needs to analyze, observe, question, experiment, investigate, explore, invent, and reform.

Aries Aquarius couples are more likely to be lively and high-spirited. Both crave new experiences and adventure. They value each other’s uniqueness and independence. Neither wants to be "owned" by another person. If one becomes clingy and smothering and does not give the other person their freedom and space, there will be problems.

Professionally, this combination is well-suited for any position requiring initiative and inventiveness, and favors aviation, innovations, inventions, technology, engineering, science, and any venture related to a cause or purpose.

~ Tuesday, April 10

03:56 AM Moon in Aquarius square Venus in Taurus fosters cooperation, cheerfulness, affections, pleasantries, gracefulness, emotional sharing, and artistic expression, especially involving females.

04:09 AM Moon in Aquarius opposite Node in Leo favors networking and any connections or alliances with groups large and small.

06:10 AM Venus in Taurus square Node in Leo has been in effect this past week and favors interpersonal situations with increased warmth, pleasantries, cooperation, adaptiveness, and harmony.

10:09 PM Moon in Aquarius square Jupiter in Scorpio enhances any meeting, gathering, or interpersonal situation with social consciousness, kindness, helpfulness, benevolence, positive feelings, and emotional support.

~ Wednesday, April 11

12:53 AM Sun in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn is the most significant factor in this newsletter. There are several lovely aspects in the sky this week, but this significantly challenging aspect has been in effect this past week and is related to manipulation, hidden motives, fanaticism, arrogance, subversion, power struggles, and political maneuvering, especially involving men. It increases the possibilities for extremes, from the weather to military conflicts. The risks are greater with the issues in Washington and the conflicts around the world.

02:02 AM Venus in Taurus favorable to Mars in Capricorn has been in effect this past week. Venus and Mars are the planets related to the impulse to love. People with this harmonious aspect can be warm, sensual, and easily express their feelings as well as their artistic and creative talents.

08:14 AM Sun in Aries 150 Jupiter in Scorpio has been in effect the past week. This aspect brings hope and optimism, but there are cautions about over extension. With any challenging aspect involving Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and abundance, there is a tendency to go overboard. It’s better to be moderate than to be sorry.

10:55 AM Moon in Aquarius goes Void until 02:40 PM when it enters the next sign, Pisces, where it remains until late Friday evening when it enters the next sign, Aries.

~ Thursday, April 12

12:27 PM Venus in Aries 60 Neptune in Pisces has been in effect the past week. Venus-Neptune aspects are related to the highest manifestation of personal and spiritual love. People with this aspect have a deep and far-reaching capacity for love and emotional rapport. They have high ideals and a great receptivity for beauty, art, and music.

So, if you are on a date or you meet someone new around this day, love may be “in the air.” Remember though, keep your feet on the ground. Venus and Neptune represent all that’s good about love and life, but the hopes, dreams, idealism, and fantasies Venus-Neptune bring are often hard to realize.

02:42 PM Moon in Pisces 150 Node favors networking and any connections or alliances with groups large and small.

08:08 PM Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces brings opportunities for healing, prayer, spirituality, mysticism, meditation, psychic phenomena, daydreaming, imagination, creativity, music, art, and other creative endeavors.

How to Use This Information

The most important factor to consider with right timing is what is occurring in your horoscope. If negative aspects now dominate your horoscope, your chances of success with right timing are diminished no matter how good the aspects are in the sky as described in these newsletters.

Obviously, I cannot cover what is occurring in your horoscope, but if you apply the information in these newsletters with common sense, you have an advantage timing your decisions and activities.

The Moon (lunar) aspects listed are in effect for hours before and until the times (Eastern Time) given. The descriptions given are not intended to tell you what will happen at these times. Instead, the descriptions can be helpful if you are trying to understand what may be occurring at a certain time if you are planning to do or start a meeting, party, discussion, trip, or any other activity.

The non-lunar aspects listed are longer-lasting and more important. They should be given greater consideration for right timing because they are in effect for about a week before the times given (Eastern Time). Any business, project, decision, relationship, and childbirth, for example, started around the date given will have the qualities of that aspect.

With Void periods, what you start or implement is less likely to turn out the way you planned or expected. Sometimes it’s better to do things with no purpose in mind versus always trying to be doing something special and productive.

To know what’s going on in your horoscope and to make better decisions at better times, contact me. We will schedule a personal and private consultation so can know more about your future and better understand any issues and conflicts in your life as well as your relationships, career, education, finances, children, parents, travel, health, location, retirement, and karma.

Ed Kluska

B.S. Physics

M.S. Psychology

C.A. Certified Astrologer

Meditation Teacher

47 Years in Practice

545 Ludlow Ave

Cincinnati, OH 45220


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