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Full Moon Today

Ed Kluska’s Astrology Newsletter

If you have any planets in opposition in your horoscope, there is a “push and pull” between two basic needs in your life. You are challenged to integrate two inherently different and opposing forces.

The Full Moon today is a good example. Virgo in opposition to Pisces symbolizes the battle between the everyday demands of life (Virgo) and a universal viewpoint on life (Pisces).

Early this morning the Moon entered Virgo. Today and tomorrow the Moon will oppose the five points currently in Pisces: Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Venus, and Chiron. The Full Moon today at 07:51 PM occurs when the Moon at 11 degrees Virgo opposes the Sun at 11 degrees Pisces.

If Virgo and Pisces (or your six and twelve houses) are active in your horoscope or relationships, you need to understand and find a middle ground between the attributes and needs of these two signs opposite each other in the zodiac. Also, any child born today and any business or project started today would need to understand and integrate the innate qualities of Virgo and Pisces.

Virgo is by nature discriminating, analytical, critical, and something of a perfectionist. Order, exactness, and attention to details are important for Virgo. Pisces, on the other hand, is more concerned with the overall perspective and can be lax, disorganized, and downright sloppy when compared to Virgo.

Virgo is the lab technician breaking down data to find a specific result while Pisces is more of the mystic seeking a cosmic perspective. Virgo is practical and logical while Pisces is idealistic and intuitive.

Virgo is more objective and comfortable with the world of analysis, science, and critical thinking. Pisces is more subjective and comfortable with the inner world of emotions, feelings, and sentiments.

Virgo is more focused on what needs to be corrected while Pisces tends to be naive with a focus on the goodness of humanity. Virgo can become too mundane and have their heads stuck in the sand while Pisces can live in a fantasy world and chase rainbows.

There is a modesty and humility to both signs. Both Virgo and Pisces are introverts by nature. They are not innately confident and overbearing. They need encouragement and approval before they feel confident and comfortable with the world at large.

Astrologically, Virgo represents the servant and Pisces the slave. Both signs are related to health, health care, and helping others through service. Virgo is the nurse and health practitioner. Pisces is hospitals and places of rest and recuperation.

In relationships, the critical and exacting nature of Virgo can smother the emotional sentimentality of Pisces. And the emotional ups and downs of Pisces can throw order–oriented Virgo off course.

But both signs can complement and help each other. Earth and water create mud, but also flowers and green grass.

Earth-sign Virgo can bring a logical perspective to the odd and sometimes crazy inclinations of Pisces to help them deal with the demands and practicalities of everyday life. Water-sign Pisces can soften the harsh exactness of Virgo by teaching them that nothing is for sure and that logic and the intellect do not solve all our problems.

What’s going on with your horoscope and your life?

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