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Right Timing for Rest of the Week

Ed Kluska’s Astrology Newsletter

~ Thursday

Mercury entering Aquarius yesterday increased the shift from Capricorn to Aquarius explained in my January 18 newsletter. Sun, Mercury, and Venus now in Aquarius activates the portion of your chart ruled by Aquarius. For example, if Aquarius rules your eleventh house, the house related to friends, group activities, and non-profits, these types of activities are more likely to benefit you and come to the forefront in your life.

Moon in Leo is Void until 02:13 PM when it enters the next sign, Virgo. Recall that during Void periods, what you start or implement is less likely to turn out the way you expected. At times, it’s best to take your foot off the gas pedal.

08:48 PM Moon in Virgo squares Mars in Sagittarius which can create intensity, impatience, and even anger. If you are trying to resolve an issue with someone, be aware that this aspect can create disruptive words and emotions.

10:21 PM Moon in Virgo’s favorable alignment with Saturn in Capricorn is more calm and practical than the volatile alignment described above. The contrast is a good example of how you can “use” the stars to better time your life.

~ Friday

11:30 AM Moon in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces which increases the possibilities for haziness and emotional confusion as well as highly refined artistic and spiritual feelings and aspirations. This period is better for daydreaming, imagination, creativity, prayer, and meditation than for logical discussions and clear-cut decisions.

11:23 PM Moon in Virgo favorably aligns with Pluto in Capricorn which symbolizes females who are practical, influential, productive, and probably psychic.

~ Saturday

Moon in Virgo is Void until 04:47 PM when it enters the next sign Libra and then makes harmonious alignments with Sun, Mercury, Venus in Aquarius through Monday morning.

With Aquarius and Libra also being harmonious signs, this is a good weekend to socialize and be around people. And if you meet someone new, come across an opportunity, or start a project, you are more likely to find success.

People with Aquarius and Libra emphasized in their horoscope are typically bright and friendly. Their quick minds and intellectual bent help them in many ways. They value equality and fairness and try to live up to these ideals in their relationships.

They also require much intellectual and social stimulation, conversation, and interaction. They like the world of ideas, language, and culture, and are uncomfortable with neediness, dependency, and emotionalism in themselves and others.

Clients with an Aquarius Libra emphasis are typically terrific with groups, training programs, and the public in general.

~ Sunday

All of Saturday a lovely aspect in effect becomes exact early Sunday morning at 01:07 AM. Venus in Aquarius squaring Jupiter in Scorpio promotes happiness, attractiveness, popularity, warm hearts, social interactions, and artistic interests.

Always note that the short-term lunar (Moon) aspects listed in these newsletters are not major influences, but they can be relevant to your life for a few hours before and until the times given for ET (Eastern Time).

To know what’s going on in your horoscope and life and to make better decisions at better times, contact me. We will schedule a personal and private consultation so you can know more about your future, relationships, career, education, finances, children, parents, travel, health, location, retirement, karma, and any issues in your life.

Ed Kluska

B.S. Physics

M.S. Psychology

C.A. Certified Astrologer

Meditation Teacher

47 Years in Practice

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Cincinnati, OH 45220


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