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Sag Karma

Ed Kluska’s Astrology Newsletter

Keep in mind that when a sun sign (in this case Sagittarius) is discussed in these newsletters, you may not be that sun sign, but that sign may otherwise be significant in your horoscope. For example, your Ascendant, Moon, Mercury, or Venus may be in Sagittarius.

There’s now a strong emphasis on Sagittarius. Sun’s in Sagittarius (November 21 to December 21), Mercury in Sagittarius (November 05 to January 11), Venus in Sagittarius (December 01 to December 25), and Saturn (December 2014 to December 19 of this month). The movement of Saturn into a new sign, in this case, Capricorn, in two weeks is a major astrological event whihc will be covered in future newsletters and workshops.

With Sagittarius now highlighted, it’s a good time to practice the positive qualities associated with Sagittarius: friendly, good-natured, and fun to be around, optimistic and lucky, living by higher principles, not tied down by tradition, taking chances and relying on intuition, wanting to explore the world, keeping the big picture, and having a futuristic and far-reaching mindset.

This is also a favorable time to review the karma related to Sagittarius from the excerpt below which is from one of my inexpensive computerized astrology reports you can order by clicking here.

Your path of soul development in this lifetime involves seeking and seeing the big picture, and your ability to intuitively perceive the interconnectedness of things in a larger pattern. You are driven from within to get an overview and to search for universal laws and principles, whether this is expressed as a compelling urge to travel and see the world, a keen interest in religion, philosophy, or other systems which purport to explain "how it all fits together", or simply a restless urge to experience as much of life as you can to get as much of the whole picture as possible.

This propensity to see things as a whole rather than focusing on the component parts, is one of your gifts. An example of this might be an interest in "holistic" medicine, which acknowledges the interconnection of spirit, mind, and body, and treats the whole person rather than focusing on one diseased part of the anatomy. Or, perhaps, being able to see society more in terms of which future directions or trends are likely.

At the least, it enables you to keep a sense of perspective and a sense of humor when "little things" go awry. Being innately attuned to a larger framework and feeling yourself to be a part of it gives you a sense of confidence, and faith that "everything will be all right in the long run". It also inclines you to take risks, to gamble, to try your luck, because instinctively you know that there is something larger than yourself buoying you up (whether you conceptualize it as life or God or something else). This gives you a certain leeway to play with life, to take chances.

At times, however, you can be so enamored of your abstract vision, your view of the whole, your intuitive sense of possibilities and potentials, you miss what is right in front of you, including the actual work involved in realizing that vision, or perhaps the real people that might be effected.

Your astuteness in the realm of understanding principles and having the broad view is sometimes matched by your ineptness and insensitivity when it comes to understanding and relating to individual people. You tend to invest much in your belief system, your convictions, your philosophy, and your ideals. Your challenge is practicing what you preach, doing something with your vision, and tempering your candor and truthfulness with compassion for people's limitations. You also need to guard against a certain laziness or sloppiness regarding details, taking the easy way, or depending too much on luck.

Your drive for enlarging your horizons and expanding your understanding of life is often accompanied by a great need for personal freedom and space, and a horror of being trapped, limited, fenced in, or confined in any way at all. There is something spirited and free and untamable in you, and for you to be happiest you must feel that there is some adventure in your life, opportunities to go places (literal or otherwise) that you have never gone before.

The unknown, the untried, the yet-to-be explored beckons you, and being tethered to a routine or having to stay within certain known boundaries (budget, location, diet, curriculum, whatever) goes against your grain. You can discipline yourself, but the discipline that is imposed is hard for you to accept. Though often you seem to be "luckier" than most people, self-discipline is a crucial key to your success. Otherwise, you can easily get side-tracked from realizing your goals in life by all the other interesting possibilities, and your curiosity about the road not taken.

At your worst, you will procrastinate, and dream about all the glorious things you will do in the future, and fanaticize about "how wonderful it will be" without attempting to bring any of these dreams to fruition. Behind this is a fear that the "real-thing" will not be as grand as the dream, and that your talent or potential is not as great as you imagine.

However, you may well be a late bloomer in life. After having a wide variety of experiences and numerous adventures, you are more apt to settle down and give your all to a single meaningful pursuit. "Meaning" is the key word here. Deep within, and whether you think of yourself in this way, your life is really about a quest for meaning, and this is what fuels your restlessness and your curiosity. Discovering the meaning behind the lesson, the purpose and the opportunity for growth is ultimately your true focus in this lifetime and bringing that meaning into fuller expression in the world you share with others.

What is your karma and purpose in life?

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Ed Kluska

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