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Gun Issues Heating Up

Ed Kluska’s Astrology Newsletter

“477 days. 521 mass shootings. Zero action by Congress.”

This was yesterday’s New York Times editorial headline. Underneath was a calendar marking each day there was a least one mass shooting in the United States over the past sixteen months. A mass shooting was defined as involving four or more people injured or killed in a single event at the same time and location.

In astrology, the Sun represents people with authority and leadership in any society, especially men. Pluto represents politics, power, funding, and complicated issues.

Mars represents guns, bullets, injuries, violence, and forceful acts of aggression. Saturn represents rules, regulations, laws, and controls.

With Sun in conflict with Pluto until this coming Monday and Mars in conflict with Saturn until next Wednesday, all the differences and power struggles in our country regarding violence, guns, and gun control will magnify and come to a head.

And with both these aspects being stressful and conflictual, it’s unlikely any reasonable solutions or agreements will come forth, at least for now.

As you know, there are millions of comments, blogs, discussions, and editorials about the recent massacre in Las Vegas and the controversies involving gun control. These editorial comments are relevant.

“The death rate from gun violence in the United States is on average 25 times higher than in high–income nations with sensible gun control laws. Making more dangerous weapons available to more people increases our danger. No number of weapons, including semi-automatic weapons, in the hands of tragic victims in Las Vegas would save their lives.”

“This kind of violence is no longer exceptional. No other affluent country can match our massacres or, in the face of them, our paralysis. We stand out boldly in this regard. We lead.”

“In Newtown, Connecticut in 2012, 26 people perished, 20 of them children. In Orlando four years later, 49 died. And in Las Vegas, the count so far is 59. What’s the trip wire for urgency and action? Triple digits?”

“If the heartbreaking massacre of 20 six and seven-year-olds in an elementary school in Newton Connecticut nearly five years ago couldn’t bring about that change in culture, I doubt the latest tragic in Las Vegas will either.”

“Las Vegas was one of the worst but hardly the first. And it demands more than the gauzy pieties and press-a-button platitudes that too many politicians spout.”

“I come from a land of guns. I know childhood friends mowed down sitting on couches, standing on the street or driving. Sometimes they were girlfriends, innocent bystanders, drug dealers or teenagers arguing. Sometimes they were shot by cops, friends, rivals, partners or strangers. Sometimes people died, became paralyzed, lost businesses or were utterly terrorized. Quality of life is destroyed when guns become part of how we communicate, how we solve problems and show the complete inverse of power we feel. Even today, as Detroit takes a new form with bike riders and coffee shops, a sawed-off shotgun can change the math of any neighborhood. Take it from cities ravaged by guns, this is no way to live.”

“We have a president who is quick to tweet leaders of other countries about what they are not doing to protect their citizens from terrorism, but notice how he says nothing about how our leaders should be taking steps to prevent homegrown terrorism in our own country.”

“Mass murders are highly unstable individuals, some of whom are looking be famous (or infamous) and that desire should not be rewarded, even posthumously. It also encourages other, like–minded people to achieve the same goal.”

“To all those political opportunists who are seizing on the tragedy in Las Vegas to call for more gun regs ... You can’t regulate evil. ...”

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