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Getting Things Done with Virgo

Ed Kluska’s Astrology Newsletter

The Moon entered Virgo this morning to join Sun, Mercury, and Mars already in Virgo. And tomorrow Venus enters Virgo where it remains until October 14 when it enters the next sign Libra.

Each of the twelve signs has its purpose and function. If any sign relates to the service industry and helping others, it’s Virgo. If any sign relates to getting the job done efficiently and effectively, it’s Virgo. If any sign relates to taking care of the details of everyday life, it’s Virgo.

Note that these comments also apply if your sixth house is active because the sixth sign of the zodiac, Virgo, relates to the sixth house in your horoscope.

In my astrology tutoring and classes, I add a little humor by going through the zodiac and commenting on the Achilles heel for each sign.

Because Virgos take some such pride in their work and they want to do a good job and be recognized for doing so, you can upset them by saying, “you’re not a good worker,” “you’re not doing a good job,” or “you really don’t care about your work.”

From years of owning different businesses, I learned that with employees (and people in general) there are “talkers” and “doers.” There are those who are more extrovert and social, and those who are more introvert and task–oriented.

With some employees, I would discuss what needed to be done and it seemed that as soon as I turned my back, everything was completed. And then there were those who you walked away from and an hour later they would still be standing there talking to a customer or another employee.

Ideally, you and your employees have a healthy balance between being pleasant and friendly and being focused and task-oriented.

With all this, I am not implying that Virgos are all work and no play. Each of us has many parts to our personality, most of which go well beyond everyday work and duties.

Furthermore, these newsletters describe more the functions and meanings of the signs versus being a description of your sun sign and life such as Virgo.

In any event, I hope that the next few days you can efficiently and effectively work through all those little tasks and things to do that are so much a part of our lives.

If you need further explanation with any of this information, contact me. And please forward this information to your family and friends.

What’s going on in your horoscope and your life?

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