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Hurricane Irma

Ed Kluska’s Astrology Newsletter

From the news: The extraordinarily large and intense Hurricane Irma is drawing ever closer to South Florida. It’s only a matter of what areas are hardest hit and how severely. This storm is comparable in strength to Hurricane Andrew which devastated parts of South Florida in 1992 but is much larger in size.

It’s worth repeating from my recent newsletters: “Disasters and extreme events typically relate to significant astrological aspects in the sky. Although eclipses are short-lived (the great American solar eclipse on August 21 was exact for two minutes and forty seconds), their effects can last for years from an astrological perspective. They can create extremes in many ways. People and nations are affected depending on where the eclipse falls and how transiting planets trigger the formation of the eclipse itself.”

The relevant planetary combinations for this hurricane are listed below. The effects are for about a week before and until the aspects peak. The EDT times given are for when the aspects peak.

Note that the descriptions are for the negative manifestations of these planetary combinations.

Friday 09-08 07:27 AM Mars 135 Pluto: brutal forces, suffering, violent assaults and injuries.

Saturday 09-09 09:18 AM Sun 135 Saturn-Neptune midpoint: suffering, illnesses, upsets, and physical grief.

Monday 09-11 10:15 AM Neptune 135 Mars-Saturn midpoint: self-torment, the undermining of vitality, grievous and great losses.

Tuesday 09-12 02:51 AM Uranus 180 Mars-Saturn midpoint. This is a powerful planetary combination which typically relates to severe injuries, danger to life, deprivation of freedom, violent destruction, brutal forces, and intervention of a higher power.

All this does not mean this hurricane was predicted or had to occur from an astrological perspective. What is relevant is that when several significant aspects occur close together in time, there can be significant events.

If you need further explanation with any of this information, contact me. And please forward this information to your family and friends.

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