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Tricky Times

Ed Kluska’s Astrology Newsletter

Recent newsletters have detailed a series of challenging astrological factors. It’s been “tricky” for many people, but this morning offered some relief.

~ Sun in Virgo opposing Neptune has been in effect the past ten days, but this challenging aspect ended this morning. It relates to issues and problems with water as well as confusion and chaos. Neptune corresponds to liquids including oil as well as “foggy situations” with lies, false hopes, and confusion more prevalent.

During this period, you were more likely to make assumptions about people and situations not based on reality. Anyone new you met and anything new you started is less likely to work out because there were possible blind spots especially involving men. It was not the best of times to make important decisions.

~ Mercury retrograde has also been complicating matters, but this morning Mercury turned direct as explained in Monday's newsletter. Keep in mind that for about three to five days before and after Mercury “changes direction,” you are more likely to experience shifts and changes with your plans, decisions, and projects as well as how you perceive the relationships and events in your lives.

~ Also this morning Mars entered Virgo which is favorable for the earth signs (Taurus Virgo Capricorn) and challenging for the other mutable signs (Gemini Sagittarius Pisces) until Mars enters the next sign Libra on October 22.

With Mars related to desires, conflicts and stress, any planet or point you have in the mutable signs (Gemini Virgo Sagittarius Pisces) will experience increased demands and possible conflicts at some time over the next six weeks. Pay attention to these time periods. Maybe even record the results. It is always interesting to watch how the astrological transits unfold and affect our lives.

~ Lastly, a Virgo Pisces Full Moon builds today and peaks early tomorrow morning. A separate newsletter will cover this full moon.

What’s going on in your horoscope and life?

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