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What You May Not Know About the Great American Solar Eclipse: Part Two

Ed Kluska’s Astrology Newsletter

~ Although tomorrow’s eclipse will be short-lived, the effects of eclipses can last for years from an astrological perspective. To learn how this special eclipse is and will be affecting your life and horoscope based on your time, date, and place of birth, click here.

~ New Moons occur about every 29.5 days when the Sun and the Moon are conjunct (aligned in the sky from Earth’s perspective). Solar eclipses are like New Moons on steroids because the Sun, Moon, and Earth are aligned by both and longitude and latitude. Thus, the Moon partially or completely obscures the light from the Sun across the Earth’s surface which causes the day to appear as night for as long as the eclipse lasts.

~ During the few minutes of an eclipse’s totality, animals and plants behave as if the day has ended and night has begun. Cows start walking toward the barn, crickets start chirping, and city lights turn on. The Sun's brightness in the totality falls by a factor of 1 million, temperatures plummet by as much as 20 degrees, and winds fall still.

~ Eclipses are not all that rare. They occur every two years, and they come in pairs. The next eclipse will be in July 2019, but it will be visible only in parts of Argentina and Chile. In fact, most eclipses are visible only from places where many people can’t easily go such as remote mountaintops, the middle of oceans, and unpopulated and areas hundreds or thousands of miles away from anything else.

~ Tomorrow’s eclipse will cross directly overhead or near many major American population areas which will make this the most watched eclipse ever.

~ What makes tomorrow’s eclipse even more special is that a total Solar Eclipse has not been visible from the United States since 1979. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event. The first all-American total solar eclipse in hundreds of years because it will only cross the continental United States.

~ This eclipse will last for 90 minutes as it zooms across our continent beginning at 10:15 AM PDT at Newport, Oregon and ending at 2:45 PM EDT at Charleston, South Carolina.

~ The point of greatest duration (the longest anyone will be able to witness its “totality”) will be 2 minutes 40 seconds at Carbondale Illinois. And at Hopkinsville Kentucky, a small town about 270 miles southwest of Cincinnati, the sun’s disk will be most fully obscured.

~ If the skies are clear, check the Sun's corona (an area of plasma surrounding the sun which resembles a curtain of light) and also Regulus, an extremely bright star next to the Sun tomorrow. You might also see the Mars and Mercury ahead and behind the path of the Sun.

~ People and nations are affected depending on where the eclipse falls in their horoscopes. With this solar eclipse occurring on the last day the Sun is in Leo, it will influence you more if your birth date is near the end of a sign or you have planets near the end of a sign. President Trump's Ascendant and Mars are at the end of Leo. Keep in mind that although your sun sign may not be Leo, there is an important spot in everyone’s horoscope being affected by this eclipse.

~ With the fire-sign Leo emphasized, it’s a good time to focus on and practice the positive qualities associated with Leo: loving, creative, expressive, honorable, bold and self-assured. And with this eclipse favorably aspecting Uranus (the planet of freedom and innovation) in Aries (the sign of initiative and boldness), it’s also a good to focus on and pray for a new sense of creativity, innovation, and freedom.

To read part one of this two-part report, click here.

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