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Heating Up

Ed Kluska’s Astrology Newsletter

At my Mid-Year Forecast Workshop last Saturday, I explained why “things” would be heating this summer, both literally and figuratively, due to the Great American Solar Eclipse, aspects to President Trump’s horoscope, and a string of planetary aspects.

One of the aspects discussed was Sun conjunct Mars. The Sun and Mars are currently in Cancer. After Mars enters Leo on July 20 and the Sun enters Leo on July 22, the Sun “catches up” to Mars on Wednesday, July 26 when they become exact by a conjunction.

People with Sun conjunct Mars in their horoscope have tremendous vitality and vigor. They are typically blessed with good health and a strong will to live. They are more likely to exercise power, be courageous, and take on leading positions versus being a follower. They overcome difficulties and dangers with their grit and determination.

This planetary combination is also associated with the warrior, athlete, and aggressor, and is related to vocational successes, extraordinary achievements, muscular tension, and sperm.

Back to the heat issue.

Sun conjunct Mars occurs in the sky about once every two years, but this time it’s in the fire-sign Leo which is ruled by the Sun and which one can argue is the hottest sign of the zodiac.

Also, in medical astrology, Sun and Mars are heat-producing versus planets more cooling by nature such as Saturn.

And then there’s the fact that Sun conjunct Mars is occurring during the summertime in the Northern Hemisphere which is not always the case.

For these reasons, the probabilities are increased for excessive and extreme heat conditions along with droughts, forest fires, energy shortages, and other repercussions. In fact, it could become dangerous for some parts of the world and the USA.

If you need further explanation with any of this information, contact me. And please forward this information to your family and friends.

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