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New Moon Karma

Ed Kluska’s Astrology Newsletter

Today and tomorrow the planetary aspects are favorable. Last evening the Moon entered Taurus to join the Sun which entered Taurus last Wednesday.

This morning at 08:16 AM ET there is a New Moon at 06 degrees Taurus. New Moons represent new beginnings, an opportunity to establish new goals in the house in your horoscope associated with the sign of the New Moon.

With the New Moon in the earth-sign Taurus, it’s a good time to practice the positive qualities associated with Taurus: practical, stable, determined, productive, dependable, persistent, and patient. Taurus is also arts-crafty and sensual, and loves beauty and going to the bank.

Keep in mind that although your sun sign may not be Taurus, you may have Taurus otherwise in your horoscope.

Now is also a good time to review the karma related to Taurus from the excerpt below which is from one of my inexpensive computerized astrology reports you can order by clicking the “Services” tab at the top of my website.

“Your soul development in this lifetime involves fully immersing yourself in matter, the physical world, and your senses. The ramifications of this are many.

First, you enjoy the fruits of the earth in a simple, uncomplicated way. You have a deep rapport with nature and its rhythms, and if you cannot live in the country, you need at least to have a view of some natural beauty or to be surrounded with living or growing things. You have a strong affinity for plants. Regular contact with the land, forests, mountains, or your garden restores you, and without it, you lose your center and your peace.

When you are at your best, you function as a healthy animal, following what your instincts and your senses tell you. Your well-known stubbornness and resistance to change is in part a reflection of your strong need to follow your instincts and proceed at your natural pace.

As a wise one once phrased it "A soul must never be pushed or driven, but allowed to unfold naturally, like a flower blossoming bit by bit in the sunshine."

This sense of a natural unfolding process underlies your tendency to be both steadily patient and very obstinate when faced with the need to make sudden moves or adapt to changes. Furthermore, your contribution in life should do with building (solid foundations, assets, structures) and continuing, sustaining, and preserving what has already been attained (thus, your disinclination to embrace innovation or change).

Your willfulness has the qualities of the earth itself - heavy, immovable, dense, enduring, and constant - and regarding character or soul development, this may work for or against you. You are not easily impacted or influenced by others, and you tend to ignore subtle hints and clues that you are not on the right track. Thus, you will persist in an endeavor until you are shown in some gross, unmistakable way that you cannot or should not. In this way, you can make some egregious errors, carving deep grooves or patterns which are very hard to change.

Positively, of course, this same tenacity enables you to accomplish your desires through sheer persistence and stamina. You can be a stabilizing, grounding force for the people around you, which is part of your soul-purpose.

Your earthiness also indicates that you are attuned to that which is tangible, material, solid, substantial, real and present. You tend to distrust or discount what is intangible or abstract. Unless you see physical evidence, concrete facts, or "proof,” you are unlikely to believe something is possible, and you give little credence to some speculative idea which has no concrete application or actual usefulness.

A desire to own land or to have solid financial assets and to ensure that your basic material needs are well-taken care of is another aspect of this basic earthiness. The mundane world - money, work, taking care of and enjoying the physical body - is your arena.

You are body oriented, and you respond very much to physical appearances, to physical beauty and to the sensual aspect of things (how it looks, feels, smells, tastes). The benefit of this is simply that you fully enjoy your sensuality and your creature hood. You have a great capacity for contentment, for enjoying things as they are, and for partaking in the pleasures which are all around you and readily available.

However, you may spend inordinate amounts of time and energy on your body, dealing with your desires for material comfort, security, and pleasure. Enjoying but not being completely dominated by your appetites and desires is the key here. You also need to beware of being taken in by superficial, outer appearances, and thus missing the deeper aspects of a person or situation.”

What is your karma and purpose in life?

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Ed Kluska

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