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Today’s Spring Equinox

Ed Kluska’s Astrology Newsletter

Some say springtime begins on March first when the weather tends to warm, but the meteorological beginning of spring is when the sun crosses the equator and it is tilted neither toward nor away from the sun.

This occurs at the same instant around the globe, and today it was at 06:29 AM EDT when the sun moved from Pisces to Aries marking the Vernal Equinox, the first day of spring.

The first day of each season corresponds with the first degree of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn which are called the Cardinal signs of the zodiac. They tend to be more action-oriented compared to the fixed signs (Taurus Leo Scorpio Aquarius) and the mutable signs (Gemini Virgo Sagittarius Pisces).

There are two equinoxes everty year, one in the spring and the other in the fall. Vernal Equinoxes nearly always occur on March 19 or 20, but sometimes on March 21.

This three-day range applies to anyone born near the cusp of a sign. To know one’s precise sun sign position, a complete horoscope must be calculated due to this three-day variance.

"Equinox" means "equal night", but says this isn't quite true today except for on the equator. March 16 was the day when day and night were the closest to equal. That's also known as the "equilux."

The length of day varies depending on latitude. For example, today there will be 12 hours, eight minutes and 28 seconds of day length in Birmingham Alabama, 12:08:37 in Huntsville, and 12:08:10 in Mobile.

Also, the sun rises due east and sets due west today no matter where you are. At equinoxes, the sun appears overhead at noon as seen from the equator, and the equator intersects the horizon at points due east and west. Therefore, equinoxes are a good time to find due east or west from your house or another landmark.

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