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Midpoint Jolts

Ed Kluska’s Astrology Newsletter

My last newsletter highlighted an important aspect which has been building up this past week and culminates this Sunday.

Mars conjunct Uranus involves two high-energy planets which bring more excitement, restlessness, impulsiveness and aggravations than normal. The status quo tends to be upset with surprises, unexpected events, and turbulent changes. It can be like lightning bolts coming out of nowhere.

This aspect also increases the possibilities for determination, virility and leadership. It represents the fighter and soldier, and can generate extra energy and determination to help you be more productive and achieving.

People with Mars conjunct Uranus in their horoscope are typically bold, courageous, and freedom loving, but also prone to obstinacy, intolerance, tensions, brutal frankness, rash acts, and accidents and injuries.

The point of this newsletter is to highlight the midpoint of this planetary pair. It is always somewhere moving through your horoscope, but it is more significant now because the two planets will be exactly aligned this Sunday.

It was positioned about nineteen degrees of Aries last Sunday, and becomes exact at twenty-two degrees this Sunday. This means that if you have any planets or points around these degrees in the Cardinal Signs (Aries Cancer Libra Capricorn), the following descriptions are relevant for you and your horoscope.

Mars/Uranus Midpoint Transits

To Your Sun: This can be a very exciting time, a period in which you are restless and want to try new things. You may be in a rebellious mood and could have difficulty with authority figures. However, if you use your wits and inventiveness, this can be a time when you are able to discover new ways to express yourself and make your mark in the world.

To Your Moon: Life could be feeling just a little chaotic right now. Order is not what seems to be happening with surprises popping up all over the place. You can feel a bit nervous, unable to sit still or concentrate. You need some space right now in order to break old habits and get out of the old routine.

To Your Mercury: This is a time of very original ideas and unique insights. Your mind is very quick right now which makes dealing with ordinary details very boring. You may be restless or nervous and can easily feel that you are not thinking as you normally do. Communications can be brilliant but also complicated as the old words and concepts are breaking down.

To Your Venus: You can be impatient in relationships now. Others may see you as rude, but the tables could be turned as you feel that others are pushing you. In either case, the point is to shake up relationships and to bring some new approaches to love and intimacy. Think of this as a time for experimenting and you will likely be more open and flexible.

To Your Mars: You can have a very high degree of spontaneity now. Your inventiveness may also be way up there. However, you may have difficulty following the rules or sticking to a plan at this time. Your energies can be rather explosive so give yourself some way to express them in order to avoid unnecessary disputes or accidents.

To Your Jupiter: This is a wonderful time to be an astronaut, to go off on a high tech adventure. You have the need to do something differently from the usual. It is a time to go beyond the bounds of ordinary life and explore the outer limits. You could also find that the beliefs you hold are likely to be changed by radical new experiences.

To Your Saturn: As much as you might like to stay on track and stick to your schedule, it is unlikely that you can do so now. Either outside influences or your own need for change can force you to break the rules or stray from the official plan. This is a time to let the new come in as resistance can only bring more pressure. Relax, if you can, and let yourself be surprised by how interesting life can be when you let go.

To Your Uranus: This is a time when your freedom is very important to you. You need as much time and space as possible outside the constraints of obligations to others. Naturally, it may not be easy to do this, but give yourself every chance to experiment, to break the routine, and let your inventive, innovative spirit lead you.

To Your Neptune: A fantasy can blow up right now. If it does, it is only so that you can start acting on new dreams and ideals. This can be a challenging time when you find it necessary to keep your nose to the grindstone. However, you may want to wander off, so it is better to ask openly for the time you need rather than create crises to get yourself out of your obligations.

To Your Pluto: You are not about to be pushed around by anyone right now. You can be very intense in the need to have control over your own life. It is essential that you have as much freedom as possible. You can use this time to get to the bottom of long-standing issues and free yourself for greater productivity and power.

To Your Node: Relationships can feel strained to the breaking point. It is time to step back and find a new approach to being with others. You can also be inspired by people who are very original and who may appreciate your uniqueness. Being flexible can help you keep things from getting out of hand.

To Your Ascendant: You can have a great deal of nervous energy running through your body now. This can be exciting and it stimulates you to move quickly and to try new things. However, it is important not to get too high-strung as this can cause rifts with others or result in accidents.

To Your Mid Heaven: You can have some kind of brilliant breakthrough relative to your career or public life. However, you can also have difficulty with authority figures which can get you into trouble. If you are in a rebellious mood, pick a target worthy of your energy and your new ideas.

If you need further explanation with any of this information, contact me. And please forward this information to your family and friends.

What’s going on in your horoscope and your life?

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