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Freedom & Independence

Ed Kluska’s Astrology Newsletter

Today and tomorrow, the planetary aspects are more favorable than not.

The Sun is now a third of the way into Aquarius, and late yesterday afternoon, the Moon entered Aries. Tomorrow the Moon is Void from 11:50 AM until 08:50 PM ET when it enters the next sign Taurus.

Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Aries is a strong and willful combination with many favorable attributes.

The fire of Aries activates the quick mental attributes of Aquarius, and the air of Aquarius fans the fiery enthusiasm of Aries.

If Aries and Aquarius are emphasized in your horoscope, or the first and eleventh houses in your personal horoscope are significant, or you are in an Aries Aquarius relationship, there is a high need for freedom and independence because the rulers of Aries and Aquarius, Mars and Uranus, thrive on initiative, spontaneity, willfulness and independence.

In fact, no two signs value their freedom and independence more than Aries and Aquarius. It’s a combination often active in the horoscopes of the activist, feminist, forerunner, reformer and liberator.

Aries thrives on excitement with no boundaries, restrictions or physical confinement. It dislikes order taking and supervision, and wants work that requires energy and initiative and allows them to crusade and be the best.

Aquarius is more intellectually oriented. It thrives on mental stimulation and independent thinking. It needs to analyze, observe, question, experiment, investigate, explore, invent and reform.

Aries Aquarius couples are more likely to be lively and high-spirited. Both crave new experiences and adventure. They value each other’s uniqueness and independence. Neither wants to be "owned" by another person.

If one becomes clingy and smothering, and does not give the other person a sense of freedom and space, there will be problems.

Professionally, this sign combination is well-suited for any position requiring initiative and inventiveness. In particular, Aquarius and Aries favors aviation, innovations, inventions, technology, engineering, science, and any venture related to a cause or purpose.

If you need further explanation with any of this information, contact me. And please forward this information to your family and friends.

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