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New Moon Capricorn Karma

Ed Kluska’s Astrology Newsletter

This morning the Moon entered Capricorn to join the Sun, Mercury and Pluto already in Capricorn.

Early tomorrow (Thursday) morning the Moon catches up with the Sun in Capricorn at 01:53 AM ET to create a New Moon.

With Capricorn now emphasized, it’s favorable to be focused and work hard on your goals as is the nature of Capricorn. It’s also a good time to review the karma related to Capricorn as described in the excerpt below from one of my inexpensive computerized astrology reports you can order by clicking the “Services” tab at the top of my website.

“Achievement through discipline is one of your keynotes in this lifetime. To fulfill your soul’s purpose, you will need much patience, tenacity, endurance, and most likely a long period of apprenticeship or labor. You are equipped by nature to withstand the periods of self-denial, austerity, grueling study, repetitive practice, or "doing without" that your path in life requires. Serious about your aims and, above all, a realist, you are willing to pay your dues in order to get where you want to go.

Whether your goal is spiritual attainment, development of a talent, or material success, you want to go to the top. Some degree of rigorous training or hardship (inner or outer) is apt to be a prerequisite to your eventual achievement, and unlike apparently "luckier" souls, you have to work hard and pull your own weight early in life. Often, too, you have to wait, to delay gratification, and plan your strategies very carefully and shrewdly in order to gain your desired ends. Through this, you develop a certain toughness and firmness, emotional detachment, inner resourcefulness and self-determination, which keeps you going when the road gets a little rocky on the way to the pinnacle you are aiming for.

One pitfall you need to beware of is your tendency to become hardened and cynical, secretly envious of those whose way is less arduous or whose outlook and attitude is more trusting and carefree (irresponsible and immature, to your way of thinking). You seem to be given more "tests,” frustration, responsibilities, restrictions than others, and as a result, tend to view the world as an unfriendly place or life as a struggle.

It is important for you not to become bitter because of this, or to attempt shortcuts, as these will almost certainly come back to haunt you later. The first half of your life, in particular, may seem heavy or hard, while the fruits of your steady efforts come to you later.

The essence of this lifetime is that you must prove yourself, and this you know at a deep level, and feel as a sort of inner pressure. It can be next to impossible to get you to relax and enjoy yourself, to waste time or money on anything frivolous, or to gamble on anything you are not certain will yield real, tangible benefits.

Because of your very strong (even if undefined) sense of purpose, even your recreation is apt to be done in a calculated manner. You weigh the potential risks involved, usually on the side of safety, for you have a very strong head to know where you are going and to be in control. Thus, the true experience of play tends to elude you, since it requires letting go of control, a certain indifference to results in preference for a free flowing openness to the moment. You do have a rather dry, ironic sense of humor, and it is important for you to keep that side of you alive as it gives you balance and a healthy perspective on things.

Another aspect of your inner need to prove yourself is that you often feel that you are being judged. Guilt, fear of failure, and inhibited self-expression may stem from this. At the same time, you judge yourself (often by rather strict standards), and tend to judge other people as well.

At its worst, this attribute can lead to an over-concern with the right social image, with the opinions and values of society, and "what the neighbors will think,” rather than assessing someone or something on any real intrinsic qualities. The right form (designer-name products, a prestigious neighborhood or school, etc.) may become inordinately important to you. You can be rather class conscious. And, already burdened with self-judgment, you may severely limit your choices in life, never really experimenting or trying anything daring, for fear of not doing it well, or that people might ridicule you. At its best, however, this trait gives you a keen eye for real, lasting quality and a discerning perception.

Traditional values are an important part of your life, and if you do not have any from your early years, it would be very helpful to you to develop your own rituals, traditions, and a way of connecting yourself to the past and to history in ways that are meaningful to you. As mentioned earlier, tutorship or apprenticeship is also likely to be a significant part of your journey, and it would behoove you to find a mentor or elder to help you in the tradition you are following.

It is also likely that you will serve in the same capacity as an experienced, seasoned, and hopefully wise "expert" in your field. If you negotiate your life path successfully, power, responsibility, and a high level of achievement or mastery is likely in this lifetime.”

What’s your karma and purpose in life?

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Ed Kluska

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