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Election Day

Ed Kluska’s Astrology Newsletter

After a long, bitter and grueling campaign, the end day is finally here after candidates made their final pitches yesterday.

“Brushing aside the FBI's clearing of Clinton over her emails, Trump said the FBI's handling of the issue proved the judicial system is "rigged" in Clinton's favor, and urged voters to "deliver justice at the ballot box." In Pennsylvania, Clinton accused her Republican rival of running a "negative, divisive, hateful" campaign, saying she was determined to unite the nation. "I've got to say, anger is not a plan, my friends," she said.”

Despite the importance of today’s outcome, there are no major aspects in the sky at this time nor are there any significant lunar aspects for the rest of today. This suggests there will not be any large riots or disruptions as some commentators have suggested.

The Moon is Void from 08:55 AM ET this morning until later this afternoon which increases the possibilities for some mix-ups and problems at the polls. This Void Moon also says not to pay much attention to any election indications until the Moon is out of void at 04:45 PM.

At this time the Moon enters Pisces which should remind us of a greater need to understand our common vision and how deeply we are all interconnected.

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