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New Moon Scorpio Karma

Ed Kluska’s Astrology Newsletter

The high energy aspect described in my “Mars Uranus Alert” newsletter earlier this week created many shocks and surprises for the world.

Clients describe unusual stresses and strains including digestive problems. Others reported wonderful shifts and breakthroughs with their thinking and lives which is also Uranus-like.

Last evening the Moon entered Scorpio. Today the Moon catches up with the Sun in Scorpio to create a New Moon at 01:38 PM ET which gives you an opportunity to start something new especially related to the house ruled by Scorpio in your horoscope.

Today and tomorrow there are no discordant aspects in the sky, and the Moon forms harmonious aspects with Neptune, Mercury, Pluto and Mars.

All this does not mean that everything will be better than last week, but if you meet someone new, have a meeting, come across a new idea or opportunity, or start a new project, you are more likely to find success.

With the Sun, Moon and Mercury now in Scorpio, it’s a good time to review the karma related to Scorpio as described in this excerpt from one of my inexpensive computerized reports you can order by clicking the “Services” tab at the top of my website.

“For you (Scorpio), this lifetime revolves upon the theme of experiencing your emotional depths, and penetrating the surface of life to explore the hidden, dark, secret or taboo. What lurks in the shadows or in the inner depths of the human soul is what concerns you, and it is your task to become aware of and express what you find hidden there.

What society at large may fear or repress, you are fascinated with and drawn to experience and understand. This may include both a fear of and absorption with death and the mysterious side of life, delving into the politics of sexuality and power and experiencing strong, "dark" emotions such as passion, jealousy, revenge, or a desire for control.

At times you may feel like a misfit, that your yearnings, desires, and true inclinations are somehow wrong or bad, or even that you are bad. You could take on a social persona which is dark and hints at something sinister such as always wearing black or going out only at night. However, your feeling for the dark undercurrents of life and your drive to experience life passionately and intensely, without avoiding any of it, may be expressed less overtly.

You are attracted to crisis, those transition times in life when people are tested, when their social masks do not matter anymore, and the true person is revealed. You may feel most alive and most yourself in life and death situations, whether you are involved in saving lives (as a doctor or healer), in destroying them (as in war), or simply by seeking out dangerous situations and dangerous companions.

Often you will create your own crisis (especially in the arena of your close personal relationships) in order to pit yourself against the challenge. Other people may view this as a self-destructive urge in you, a masochistic (or sadistic) streak. The truth is you would rather feel pain, than to feel nothing at all. You want to be fully immersed in it, deeply and passionately involved.

You have great compassion and sympathetic feelings for those suffering or in pain, whether physical or emotional, for you are no stranger to it yourself. You may feel scornful of those people who appear to glide through life, never experiencing any real tragedy or pain, or plumbing their own depths. In love, it is the possibility of loss or betrayal that intensifies the experience for you. Put simply, you do not accept anything at face value, you instinctively know that there is a dark underside for every light surface. Understanding this shadowy side is a key to fulfilling your life purpose.

Personal relationships may be an obsession of yours, the arena where your passion and drive for intense closeness and emotional union expresses itself fully. However, trust, vulnerability, and relinquishing control are not easy for you.

Because of this, and because you have a great capacity and need for emotional intensity (which not everyone can match) your human relationships are frequently not smooth. You go to extremes. With you it is usually all or nothing, whether you choose total celibacy or complete immersion and involvement.

A really loving intimate relationship can be tremendously healing for you also, especially if you allow your partner to see who you really are, including those aspects of yourself you usually hide and consider ugly and unacceptable. Being unconditionally accepted by another may be the first step toward embracing your own "darkness,” which will be a lifelong lesson for you.

The fairy tale perhaps most relevant to this task is "Beauty and the Beast.” Rather than rejecting your beastliness (your negativity, fear, or not-beautiful emotions or impulses) you must learn to look at and lovingly accept them, thus, transforming yourself. Ultimately it is those who have struggled with and come to terms with their darkness who are able to bring light, understanding and healing to others who suffer, and this is part of your life's purpose."

What’s going on in your horoscope and your life?

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Ed Kluska

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