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Yesterday morning the Moon entered Taurus where it remains until late tomorrow morning when it enters the next sign Gemini. Recall that when the Moon is in your sun sign, matters tend to come together more for you than when the Moon is in the other signs.

There are no challenging aspects in the sky today and tomorrow, and tomorrow morning a lovely lunar aspect (Moon opposite Venus) peaks at 11:09 AM ET which favors kindness, nurturing and support for a few hours before and up to this time.

Also tomorrow morning Venus moves from the more controlling Scorpio to the more open spaces of Sagittarius until November 11 when it enters the next sign Capricorn. This favors Sagittarius and the other fire signs (Aries and Leo) as well as aiding in different ways the mutable signs (Gemini Virgo Sagittarius Pisces) which have been battered this past year by Saturn and Neptune.

With the Sun nearing the end of Libra, we now have a Sun Moon combination with some similarities. Taurus and Libra are lovers of peace and harmony. They tend to avoid conflict and tension as much as possible. Both have a cordial, soft quality and are likely to get along quite well as a couple.

To read more about Taurus and Libra, go to my April 19, 2016 newsletter “Easy Going.”

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