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A Powerful Solar Eclipse

Ed Kluska’s Astrology Newsletter

Although a Solar Eclipse is exact tomorrow, its impact and effects can be for months before and after the exact date, but especially near the exact date there are often obvious effects such as the current oceanic storms in the Gulf Coast and in the Pacific as populations prepare for a state emergency in Florida and Hawaii with roads turning into rivers and other disasters lurking.

Neptune rules water and floods, and Saturn creates problems with which increased the possibilities for too much water resulting in floods, tropical storms, and other weather-related disasters.

There are varying opinions about their effects and length of impact, but eclipses have always been significant in the history of astrology.

Tomorrow’s eclipse is especially powerful because it involves challenging aspects to three major planets. It is opposite Neptune in Pisces and square to Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius (which were exact conjunct in Sagittarius on August 24 within a few hours of the major earthquake in Italy last week.)

Saturn and Neptune have been in a square aspect for the past year which has created major challenges for the world as described in my 2016 Forecast Workshop earlier this year.

Saturn is the status quo and what we expect to be stable and certain our lives. Neptune can slowly dissolve and dissipate what it touches by square. As a result, our sense of security and certainty is being eroded in many ways such as with Isis, weather extremes, and the bizarreness of our current presidential election.

What’s going on in your horoscope and your life?

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