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Ed Kluska’s Astrology Newsletter

The Sun remains in fun-loving Leo and the Moon entered hard-working Capricorn early this morning where it remains until Tuesday morning.

The Moon clashes with Uranus tomorrow evening at 9:42 PM ET which can create upsetting circumstances and agitated females for a few hours up to this time. People with this aspect in their horoscope tend to be willful, excitable and volatile.

Otherwise, the other lunar aspects are harmonious, and Tuesday the Sun aligns with Uranus whihc boosts intuition, creativity and innovation the past few days and until Wednesday.

If Leo and Capricorn are emphasized in your horoscope or relationships, or you know people with these signs emphasized, it’s good to know the following.

Leo and Capricorn can bring mighty successes. Many successful professionals, executives and business leaders, especially in the entertainment business, have this sign combination. Both signs are strong and willful. They like power and the good things life can provide.

Leo brings its naturally confident, generous and sunny nature to whatever it is involved with. Capricorn offers pragmatism, focused efforts and executive skills.

But there are differences that require understanding and adjustments as explained in earlier newsletters.

Leo is more friendly, spontaneous, expressive and easier to get to know. They enjoy the moment. Let’s go out and party. Capricorn is more guarded and cautious. They often sacrifice immediate pleasures for future goals. Let me stay longer at the office so I can plan for tomorrow.

Leo is the child and Capricorn the parent. Leo is a warm, sunny summer day. Capricorn a cold, overcast winter day. Leo is naturally confident while Capricorn has to prove itself first.

Leo believes recognition and success are their birthright. Here I am. The world owes me a lot. Capricorn assumes it has to work long and hard to deserve such status.

Leo craves the spotlight and wants to be noticed and admired. It is vulnerable to flattery and can be thoughtless to the needs of others. Everyone else can simply be a member of their audience. Leo is Kings and Queens on thrones and actors and showmen on stages.

Capricorn seeks approval, success, honor and prestige in eyes of the world more from its hard work and achievements. They are practical and reliable but can also be negative, gloomy, dry, distant and cynical.

Leo is more giving and generous while Capricorn asks “what's in it for me.” Leo needs the dedication, sacrifices and hard work Capricorn provides. Capricorn craves the fun, lightness and spontaneity Leo provides.

Leo is fun, games, hobbies and the world of babies, playgrounds, parties, entertainment, theater and cruises. Capricorn is parental obligations, a long work day, and the world of business and administrative responsibilities.

The dramatic, pompous and extravagant nature of Leo can throw off Capricorn’s sensible and conservative plans. And the practicality of earth Capricorn can smother the spontaneous, loving nature of Leo.

Leo is teaching Capricorn to be more relaxed, expressive, playful and childlike. Capricorn is teaching Leo to be more focused on their work and responsibilities, and to realize that not everything is fun and games.

What’s going on in your horoscope and your life?

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Ed Kluska

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M.S. Psychology

C.A. Certified Astrologer

Meditation Teacher

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