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The Olympics This Evening

Ed Kluska’s Astrology Newsletter

You’ve seen all the hype about the Summer Olympic Games in Rio starting this evening. According to surveys, more than half of Americans plan to tune in for at least part of the events.

Near the grand opening this evening, a positive Moon Jupiter aspect peaks at 11:20 PM ET. This aspect is favorable for this Olympics despite all the concerns about doping, the security and the politics. People with this aspect tend to be generous, benevolent, obliging, popular and good with people and social interactions.

Note that at this time the Moon also goes Void until 12:57 PM tomorrow afternoon when it enters the next sign Libra.

A more significant aspect peaks tomorrow morning. It has been in effect this past week. People with Mercury square Saturn in their horoscope tend to be full of negative, worrisome and critical thoughts. The glass is always half empty.

And with this Summer Olympics, there has been plenty to worry about. Much of the news leading up to these games has focused on many concerns: Zika, doping, poverty, preparations, housing, and crime and security.

And then there are all the concerns about the water and the impact of raw sewage and severe strains of bacteria and viruses which could significantly impact different events such as sailing, rowing, canoe, triathlon and marathon swimming events even though the athletes are taking precautions to stave off potential infections.

It is interesting to note that Mercury rules our lungs and breathing, and Saturn is related to problems, restrictions and blockages.

And early Sunday afternoon, Mercury opposing Neptune becomes exact. This is another significant aspect in affect this past week. Again, Mercury rules our lungs and breathing, and Neptune is related to infections and viruses as well as water and the oceans.

We’ll see how all this turns out.

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