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Getting on Jupiter’s Opportunity Express

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You may have been feeling a bit stagnant, but now there’s hope. Jupiter, the planet of advancement, opportunity and good fortune turned direct in May, and is now gaining speed in the sky relative to the earth.

The movement of Jupiter through your horoscope brings advantages and opportunities when it aspects any planet or point in your horoscope.

As Jupiter travels more than forty degrees of the zodiac before turning retrograde in February of next year, it will be interacting with every planet and point in your horoscope with at least a thirty-degree aspect.

This means there will now be more opportunities for you versus the first part of this year when Jupiter was retrograde and then stationary.

To know when your special Jupiter time periods will occur before next February, as well as what they mean and how you can make the most of them, request my Jupiter Opportunity Express Report based on your time, date and place of birth.

Knowing what to expect and how to take advantage of just one of your Jupiter aspects can be worth your investment.

The cost is $36 for a video recording emailed to you. Simply click the PayPal link below, or call me with your credit card information or mail me a check.

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What’s going on in your horoscope and your life?

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