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Orlando Nightclub Massacre

Ed Kluska’s Astrology Newsletter

As you know, around 2:00 AM last Sunday morning, a terrorist attack in the form of a mass shooting occurred at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Forty-nine people were murdered and fifty-three others were wounded inside the nightclub by the gunman before he was killed by police after a three-hour siege.

The attack is the deadliest mass shooting by a single gunman in U.S. history, the deadliest incident of violence against LGBT people in U.S. history, and the deadliest terrorist attack on U.S. soil since the 9/11 attacks.

The assailant has been identified as 29-year-old Omar Mateen, an American born to parents of Afghan background. Witnesses confirmed that Mateen was a regular patron of the nightclub. During the attack, he swore allegiance to ISIL.

I delayed this newsletter until I had his birth data. Omar Mateen was born November 16, 1986 in New Hyde Park, New York. Birth time unknown. He had Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto all in Scorpio.

On the negative side, if any sign represents emotional extremes including hatred, vengeance and revenge, it is Scorpio. This does not mean every Scorpio is this way. Every sign has its plus and minus qualities. I am merely pointing out the worst qualities associated with Scorpio.

More telling is an exact square between his Sun in Scorpio and Mars in Aquarius, an aspect which lends to hastiness, stubbornness and ego battles. It is also related to disputes, intolerance and heightened differences as well as accidents, disasters, aggression and violence.

He had Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius, and this year he was in his Saturn Return which is typically a challenging time period that everyone experiences in their late twenty's.

And at the time of the shooting, the heliocentric horoscope shows Mars and Saturn, the two malefic planets, directly aligned in Sagittarius. If any sign is related to causes, purposes, principles, fanaticism, religions and foreign countries, it is Sagittarius.

As always, what we do with the gifts and challenges in our horoscope is ultimately up to us.

To know what’s going on in your horoscope and life, contact me to schedule a personal consultation. We will plan your future and discuss your relationships, career, education, finances, children, parents, travel, health, location, retirement, karma, and any issues and concerns in your life.

Ed Kluska

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