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Muhammad Ali

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As you know, Muhammad Ali, one of the world's greatest boxers and one of the 20th century's biggest personalities, died last week. He was 74.

Born Cassius Clay, Ali changed his name and converted to Islam in 1964, after beating Sonny Liston for his first of three heavyweight titles. Ali's boxing career was briefly put on hold when he refused to serve in the Vietnam War, then ended for good when he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1984. During his career, the boxer who plausibly called himself "the greatest" amassed a 56-5 record with 37 knockouts.

Born January 17, 1942 at 6:35 PM in Louisville, KY, he was Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Aquarius, and Leo Ascendant.

Leo Ascendant with Pluto in Leo certainly gave him a big personality and encouraged him to tell the world he was the “greatest.”

He had a marvelous exact Grand Trine formation in the earth signs with Sun favorable to Uranus making him quick and intuitive, and Sun favorable to Neptune making him imaginative and movie-star like.

Leo and Capricorn is a very professional combination, and planets in all three of the earth signs (Taurus Virgo Capricorn) added practicality and business acumen to his destiny.

Venus in Aquarius exactly opposite his Ascendant most likely brought many affectionate women around him and into his life as well as a friendliness and public adulation.

Three planets (Moon, Mercury and Venus) in Aquarius, the sign of public causes and humanitarian efforts, in his seventh house created great popularity and public awareness, and pushed him into the limelight with a flair for causes and rights.

We all have our disappointments as well. Venus (the planet of love, marriage and romance) challenged by Saturn (the planet of tests, delays and sorrows) probably created many challenges for his love life and close personal relationships including marriage.

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