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Gemini Leo: Fun & Lively

Ed Kluska’s Astrology Newsletter

This newsletter may be directly relevant for you if you are not a Leo or Gemini sun sign. You may have several planets in Leo and Gemini, or your third and fifth houses (Gemini and Leo related) may be active.

The Sun remains in quick-moving Gemini, and the Moon entered fun-loving Leo early this morning.

If Gemini and Leo are emphasized in your horoscope, or you are in a Gemini Leo relationship, you have many friendly, playful and youthful qualities to work with.

Gemini Leo is personable and engaging. Easy to get to know and easy to be around. No quiet introverts here. They can connect with anyone quickly. Leo wants to be noticed and admired, and Gemini has the words and ways to do so.

Gemini is the wind blowing around, and Leo is a warm, sunny day. The air of Gemini expands and spreads the fun-loving nature of the fire-sign Leo. And the fire of Leo warms the mental and communication skills of the air-sign Gemini.

Both signs enjoy the moment more than other sign combinations. And both signs can benefit from digging deeper and being more reflective than reactive.

This is also a youthful combination. Gemini is always young at heart and is related to younger people such as teenagers. Leo is related to babies and childbirth, and is childlike in a good way.

Gemini ruled by Mercury thrives on curiosity, variety and mental stimulation. It wants to connect, talk, discuss, question and explore. There’s a need for change and a variety of duties. It operates best when the intellect, memory and communication are exercised to the fullest. They want to travel, make fresh personal contacts, and see and learn new things.

Leo ruled by the Sun thrives on being loving, confident, creative, expressive and dramatic. You can find such outlets wherever Leo and the Sun are in your horoscope. Leo is also fun, games and hobbies and the world of playgrounds, parties, entertainment, theater and cruises.

Professionally, a Gemini Leo combination is favorable and fertile for any work requiring active and expressive communication such as creative writing, film making, teaching children, and direct sales.

What’s going on in your horoscope and your life?

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Ed Kluska

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