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Gemini Capricorn: Light & Heavy

Ed Kluska’s Astrology Newsletter

With the Sun in early Gemini and the Moon in Capricorn from early this morning until Thursday morning when it enters the next sign Aquarius, we have a Gemini Capricorn Sun Moon combination.

If these two signs are active in your horoscope or relationships, you will need to adjust to the innate differences between the air sign Gemini and the earth sign Capricorn. Air and earth do not mix well. It gets a bit dry and dusty. The winds of the air blow against the soil of the earth.

Gemini is the extrovert: more friendly, sociable and easier to get to know. Capricorn is the introvert: more protective, guarded and less easy to get to know.

Gemini is more casual, easy-going and lighthearted. Capricorn is more intense, serious and private.

Gemini can be too frivolous. Capricorn can be too ponderous. Gemini is playful, chatty and adventuresome. Capricorn is more cautious, solemn and business like.

Gemini is a wiggly line jumping around as it adjusts to its varied interests. Capricorn is a straight line aimed toward a specific goal.

Gemini is exploratory breadth. Capricorn is tangible results. Gemini checks out whatever comes its way in a curious manner. Capricorn is selective and determined which enables more projects to be completed.

Gemini rules teenagers and early education. Capricorn rules aging and the elderly. Gemini is what is new and fresh. Capricorn is what is old and established.

Gemini is a nice, breezy spring day. Capricorn is a cold, dry winter day. Gemini rules air and butterflies (more light and amorphous). Capricorn rules rocks and lead (more heavy and downward).

Despite all these differences, this is a smart and capable combination with many intellectual talents and professional skills. Gemini’s educational and communication skills can work well with Capricorn’s organizational and business skills to produce successful results.

And every sign can help every other sign in many different ways. Light and flexible Gemini can benefit from Capricorn’s focus, determination and pragmatism; and serious and determined Capricorn can benefit from Gemini’s lightness, flexibility and spontaneity.

If you need further explanation with any of this information, contact me. And please forward this information to your family and friends.

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