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Aries Cancer Conflicts

Ed Kluska’s Astrology Newsletter

The Moon entered Cancer this morning where it remains until Thursday morning when it enters the next sign Leo.

With the Sun in the fire sign Aries and the Moon in the water sign Cancer, there are significant

differences between that are important to understand if you are in an Aries Cancer relationship or both signs are emphasized in your horoscope. For example, your Sun and Mercury are in Aries and your Moon and Mars are in Cancer.

Aries is much more carefree. It desires its freedom and independence. It wants to explore the world with no rules or limitations. On the other hand, Cancer is more caring, protective and security-based. It is comfortable being with what is safe and familiar such as their home and family.

Aries encourages independent thinking and action, and feels uncomfortable around people that cling too tenaciously. Cancer needs a lot of emotional support and encouragement. Cancer can feel that everyone needs "mothering".

Aries is often abrupt, impatient and not averse to fighting or being confrontational. Cancer is more sensitive to disruption in the emotional atmosphere. It wants peace and a supportive (rather than combative) environment.

Aries need for independence often conflicts with Cancer's needs for warmth and camaraderie. It can seem selfish, impersonal and indifferent to Cancer at times.

Aries can learn compassion from Cancer, and Cancer can learn to be more independent, but it is still likely that you will periodically feel frustrated and at odds with each other.

Aries is likely to periodically trample on Cancer's feelings, and Cancer can easily fall into the role of being a helping friend to Aries who can take Cancer's help and assistance too much for granted.

The fire of Aries can burn the clinging and protective boundaries emotionally-based Cancer puts up. This is too much uncertainty for Cancer’s insecurities.

And the watery emotions of Cancer can frustrate and dampen the spontaneity, uninhibited impulses and unbridled enthusiasm fiery Aries possesses.

For all these reasons, an Aries Cancer emphasis in a horoscope or a relationship requires many adjustments, but these adjustments can ultimately lead to much growth and development personally and interpersonally.

If you need further explanation with any of this information, contact me. And please forward this information to your family and friends.

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