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Aries Virgo Adjustments

Ed Kluska’s Astrology Newsletter

The Sun entered Aries on Sunday which marked the first day of Spring. Also on Sunday, the Moon entered Virgo which gives us an Aries Virgo Sun-Moon combination until the Moon enters the next sign Libra early Wednesday morning ET, and then a Aries Libra lunar eclipse later on Wednesday morning.

Those with Aries and Virgo emphasized in their horoscope or relationships, and to a lesser degree, those with a first and sixth house emphasis, need to make adjustments due to the differences between these two signs.

Aries is naturally confident. Virgo is more insecure. Aries assumes its natural role as a leader while Virgo is more the supporter in the background.

Aries is the risk taker with high hopes and far-reaching wishes. Virgo is more the 9-to-5 dedicated worker focused on their duties and responsibilities.

Aries is the extrovert wanting to be center-stage and in the limelight. Virgo is the introvert willing to work behind the scenes to make sure everything is operating efficiently and effectively.

Aries says, “I’m the boss and I have the spunk to do what I want to do when I want to.” Virgo says, “I’m willing to follow in the footsteps of others, and I will do the best I can.”

Aries can throw caution to the wind while Virgo worries a great deal about doing things properly and correctly.

Aries is action now. It relies on impulse and instincts while Virgo needs to mull things over carefully to make sure everything makes sense and is in order before moving forward. Aries is likely to be impatient with this approach.

So with Aries it’s “let’s get going and see what happens.” For Virgo it’s “let’s be more careful and plan things out before we take the next step. And if things go wrong, you know I will be there to help clean up the mess.”

In relationships and within you, the picky, discriminating nature of the earth-sign Virgo can put a damper on the enthusiasm of the fire in Aries. And the zest and impetuousness of the fire-sign Aries can scorch Virgo’s need for certainty and order in their lives.

On the plus side, the critical and functional nature of Virgo can temper and stabilize the exuberant plans of Aries. And the need for Aries to keep moving and explore new territories can help Virgo see the bigger picture and move beyond the limited perspective of what has to be done today.

Professionally, this combination can achieve much if the confident and aggressive personality traits of Aries are integrated with Virgo’s discriminating mind and productive work ethic. This combination is particularly favorable for any kind of technical work.

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