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Unconscious Conscious

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The Sun nears the end of Pisces. Today the Moon in Gemini goes Void at 01:03 PM ET until entering the next sign Cancer at 08:57 PM this evening.

With the Sun in the water sign Pisces and the Moon in the air sign Gemini there is a contrast in the sky. Air and water do not mix easily. It can get a bit misty and confusing as it is with the other air water combinations (Gemini Cancer, Gemini Scorpio, Cancer Libra, Cancer Aquarius, Libra Scorpio, Libra Pisces, Scorpio Aquarius, and Aquarius Pisces).

Gemini is more outward and intellectual while Pisces is more inward and intuitive. Gemini is related to what is conscious, rational and linear. It wants to compare and contrast. On the other, Pisces is more unconscious and blending. It seeks inner meaning and universal truths.

When Gemini tries to force Pisces to discuss an issue directly, it can be challenging. Pisces may not be able to articulate their thoughts and ideas as convincingly as Gemini does. Gemini is more factual, like a teacher and reporter, while Pisces is more the poet and mystic.

Gemini can find Pisces ineffable and enigmatic at times. Pisces can find the nervous energy and hectic pace of Gemini to be unnerving.

Gemini is the world of everyday communication and social interactions. It actively seeks connections with others with their words and ideas. There is a proclivity toward reading, writing and other intellectual pursuits.

Pisces is related to the unconscious mind and the world of symbols and mysticism. It is more passive and subtle. It seeks the inner world of reflection and contemplation. There is a proclivity toward meditation, music, theater, dance and the arts.

Gemini is related to learning and education. With Pisces, it is inner wisdom and understanding. Gemini is driven more by what they think and analyze. Pisces by what they sense, feel and have faith in.

These differences are significant. They present challenges for any Pisces–Gemini relationship and if both signs are emphasized in a horoscope. And also if the third and twelve houses in a horoscope are emphasized. The innate differences are hard to integrate and reconcile.

Furthermore, both signs are more carefree and scattered than focused and disciplined. There is a dislike for the limitations of everyday life such as budgets, diets and schedules. They need to balance their lives by attending to the practicalities of everyday life and the nitty-gritty demands of work and health.

Despite all these challenges, Gemini can benefit from the ability of Pisces to go wide and deep with their perspective, and Pisces can benefit from the ability of Gemini to articulate about the here and now.

Professionally, this is a creative and playful combination. The active mind and the busy hands of Gemini can blend with the imagination and creative talents of Pisces to produce wonderful writing, designs, music and other forms of artistic expression.

If you need further explanation with any of this information, contact me. And please forward this information to your family and friends.

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