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Pisces Aries Contrasts

Ed Kluska’s Astrology Newsletter

Pisces and Aries are now emphasized in the sky. Sun, Mercury, Chiron and Neptune are in Pisces, and this afternoon the Moon entered Aries to join Uranus in Aries.

So if you have Pisces and Aries in your personal horoscope, more should be “going on” for you than normal.

The stark differences between Pisces and Aries illustrate why there are conflicts and issues both within people and between people.

Pisces is the introvert seeking meaning within while Aries is the extrovert exploring life outwardly.

Pisces is inner wisdom and understanding while Aries is everyday actions and experiences. Pisces can disappear while Aries can be in your face.

Pisces is more gentle, subtle, receptive, passive and receding. It wants to reflect, daydream and meditate. There is a proclivity toward mysteries, music, theater, dance and the arts.

Aries is more open, direct, confident, enthusiastic and optimistic. It wants to get out there, take chances, and have direct learning experiences. There is a proclivity toward sports, adventures and the outdoors.

Pisces has a strong need for closeness and sympathy while Aries prefers to be more self-reliant and independent.

Pisces is a kind and compassionate sign. It is more of a giver while Aries is more self-absorbed. Pisces wants Aries to be more soft and caring, but the sometimes abrasive and blunt nature of Aries can upset and easily wound emotionally sensitive Pisces.

Pisces's vagueness and tendency to seek escape or avoid conflict is in contrast to Aries who needs to take charge and be more direct and confrontational.

Pisces is extremely flexible and adaptable. They are often unfocused or unclear about their personal direction, and Aries may dominate or take advantage of Pisces's willingness to give and bend.

With all these conflicts, contrasts and differences, you have your “work cut out” if Pisces and Aries are emphasized in your horoscope, you are in a Pisces Aries relationship, or to a lesser degree, the first and twelfth houses in your horoscope are emphasized.

But with any two signs, there are always positive and redeeming values which benefit and teach each another.

Pisces can provide Aries compassion, sensitivity, emotional support, and intuitive insights. Aries can provide Pisces confidence, higher energy levels, and a more enterprising, risk-taking spirit.

If you need further explanation with any of this information, contact me. And please forward this information to your family and friends.

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