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Aquarius Cancer Adjustments

Ed Kluska’s Astrology Newsletter

Always keep in mind that these newsletters relate to the function of the signs themselves as opposed to trying to describe someone with a particular Sun or Moon sign although some of my comments certainly apply to someone with their Sun or Moon in Aquarius or Cancer, for example.

The Sun nears the end of Aquarius, and the Moon entered Cancer Wednesday afternoon. There is now a contrast in the sky between the air-sign Aquarius and the water-sign Cancer until Friday when the Sun enters Pisces and the Moon enters Leo.

Aquarius is more objective and mentally oriented. It desires freedom and emotional detachments. Cancer is more sentimental and feelings based. It desires assurance and emotional attachments.

Aquarius seeks what is new, novel and experimental. Cancer seeks what is safe, secure and familiar.

Aquarius is more individualistic and separate. It wants intellectually-stimulating social interactions, and is related to friends and acquaintances.

Cancer is more absorbing and unifying. It wants to create nurturing emotional bonds, and is related to home and parenting.

Aquarius says, “give me my space. If you get to attached to me, I will pull away.” Cancer says, “I want to get close to you and nurture you.”

All these differences are significant if you are in an Aquarius Cancer relationship, both signs are emphasized in your horoscope, and to a lesser degree, your fourth and eleventh houses are active.

For example, if your Sun and Mercury are in Aquarius and your Moon and Mars are in Cancer, one part of you is more objective and intellectually oriented, and the other part of you is more sensitive and emotionally connected.

In relationships, the cool, intellectual and detached nature of Aquarius can frustrate the emotional responses Cancer needs. And the sentimentality and clinging nature of Cancer can confuse and frustrate the objectivity and independence Aquarius wants.

On the plus side, Aquarius can help Cancer become more objective and stable with their emotions and feelings. And Cancer can help Aquarius become more emotionally connected with those whom they love.

If you need further explanation with any of this information, contact me. And please forward this information to your family and friends.

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