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Sagittarius Capricorn Contrasts

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The Moon entered Capricorn early this morning, and enters the next sign Aquarius Monday morning. The first half of tomorrow (Sunday) the Moon makes challenging aspects to Pluto, Uranus and Mars which should intensify matters during that time span.

With the Sun still in the fire-sign Sagittarius and the Moon in the earth-sign Capricorn, we have two signs that are distinctly different.

Sagittarius is more open, flexible, idealistic, assuming and exploratory. Capricorn is more set, guarded, doubtful, pragmatic and focused. Capricorn represents downtown and city life. Sagittarius is the outdoors and country living.

Sagittarius is more liberal and extravagant. Capricorn more conservative and frugal. Sagittarius says too much and Capricorn not enough. With Sagittarius the barn door is wide open. With Capricorn there are security measures.

Sagittarius is more flexible and adaptable. It’s the risk taker with far-reaching visions off into the future. Capricorn is more dependable and security-oriented. More focused and accountable with what is right here-and-now.

Sagittarius is the half-full optimistic and Capricorn the half-empty pessimistic.

Sagittarius relies more on faith and good luck to get where they want to go while Capricorn depends on good-old fortitude and hard work. Sagittarius is big hopes and dreams. Capricorn can bring them down to reality and put them into a workable format.

This is a capable and ambitious sign combination with many professional skills and possibilities. Both signs have a logical, scientific and technical bent. Sagittarius’s ability to market and promote can work well with Capricorn’s organizational and business skills.

If Sagittarius and Capricorn are emphasized in your horoscope or your relationships, there can be issues related to the aforementioned differences. The earth can put out the fire, and fire can burn the earth.

But all these differences can complement each other and bring favorable checks and balances.

Sagittarius’s need to be excited and explore far and wide can motivate Capricorn to be inspired and move beyond its set habits and lifestyle. And the down-to-earth pragmatism and practicality of Capricorn can temper and stabilize Sagittarius’s tendency to go overboard and be overly optimistic.

If you need further explanation with any of this information, do not hesitate to contact me. And please forward this information to your family and friends.

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