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Sagittarius Libra Friendly

Ed Kluska’s Astrology & Mindful Living Newsletter

With the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Libra from late Friday afternoon until late Sunday evening, we have one of the friendliest sign combinations. The other “friendly” ones are Gemini and Leo, Leo and Libra, and Sagittarius and Aquarius.

Sagittarius and Libra are harmonious. The fire in Sagittarius warms the mental and social skills of the air-sign Libra, and the air in Libra spreads the enthusiastic and optimistic nature of the fire-sign Sagittarius.

Both Sagittarius and Libra are extroverts by nature. They are more outgoing, direct and friendly than cunning and secretive. They want to reach out to people and form friendships and social connections. They enjoy socializing and each other's company immensely.

Professionally, Sagittarius and Libra is a terrific combination for any career involving working with the public and public relations (Libra) for a cause or purpose (Sagittarius) or with advertising, marketing and promotion (Sagittarius), for example.

If you need further explanation with any of this information, do not hesitate to contact me. And please forward this information to your family and friends.

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