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Sagittarius Cancer Adjustments

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The Sun entered the fire-sign Sagittarius last Sunday and the Moon entered the water-sign Cancer this afternoon. With this Sun Moon combination, we have two signs with distinctly different needs and motivations.

Fire and water creates boiling water. You need to handle it carefully. It can burn you. Steam can fizzle on the stove or drive a powerful locomotive.

So if you are in a Sagittarius Cancer relationship, you have planets in both Sagittarius and Cancer, or the fourth and ninth houses in your horoscope are emphasized, you need to understand, adjust to, and integrate two fundamentally different approaches to life.

Sagittarius is more open, direct, enthusiastic, confident, and optimistic. It wants to get out there, take chances and have direct learning experiences. There is a proclivity toward promotion, travel, athletics and the outdoors.

Cancer is the sensitive introvert seeking secure emotional attachments. It holds on to what is safe and secure. It is more comfortable being around what is familiar such as their home and family.

Both signs are more psychic-like than other sign combinations. Cancer instinctual and gut-feelings based. Sagittarius more intuitive and prophetic.

As with any relationship, this sign combination can work, but there are challenges.

Sagittarius stretches the insecurities and protective bands of Cancer, and Cancer has many emotional ropes and attachments for Sagittarius to cope with.

The clinging nature of Cancer can frustrate the freedom and expressive nature of Sagittarius; and the uninhibited intellectual directness of Sagittarius can be too much hurt for sensitive and protective Cancer.

If you need further explanation with any of this information, contact me. And please forward this information to your family and friends.

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