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A Lovely Thanksgiving Day

Ed Kluska’s Astrology & Mindful Living Newsletter

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gratitude may seem like a “Hallmark card fluff” but studies show that cultivating gratitude has important benefits including lifting our mood and increasing satisfaction with life.

So count your blessings. Often we don’t realize what we have until we lose it including our health.

Overall, we are in the middle of a challenging time period through early December as explained in my “World on Alert Workshop“ held last Sunday and now available on an MP3 format.

But for the rest of today there are no discordant aspects in the sky, and a lovely Moon Venus Jupiter alignment peaks later tonight. Moon Venus Jupiter people tend to be loving, kind, giving, benevolent and joyful.

This does not mean everything will be favorable for you and the world today, but it is a better time than not to be with your family and friends.

If you need further explanation with any of this information, contact me. And please forward this information to your family and friends.

What’s going on in your horoscope and your life?

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Ed Kluska

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