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Libra Capricorn Differences

“You’re five minutes late so you’re fired,” says the Capricorn boss. “I don’t care how many kids you have or how far you had to travel to get here. I need to run my business as efficiently and effectively as possible. I value order, discipline and firm rules. There is only one way we are playing this game, and it’s my way.”

But the Libra part of the boss says, “I realize you are late, but I want to be your friend and I want to get to know you better. I see your side of the story so I am willing to bend over backwards to create the harmony and cooperation we need between us.”

This is how it is if Libra and Capricorn are emphasized in your horoscope, or you are in a relationship with a Libra Capricorn emphasis, or the seventh and tenth houses in your horoscope are emphasized.

With the Sun nearing the end of Libra (it enters Scorpio Friday), and the Moon now in Capricorn until Tuesday evening when it enters the next sign Aquarius, we have an air-Libra and earth-Capricorn Sun Moon combination.

Libra has an innate need for close, interpersonal interactions where there is harmony and equality between people. Capricorn is more about hard and fast distinctions. Capricorn is career aspirations and the drive for authority. It needs to manage the other person’s life while Libra sees life more in terms of relationships and balance.

Libra is by nature more friendly and light-hearted. Capricorn more cautious, solemn and serious. Libra is the quintessential extrovert: sociable and easy to get to know. Capricorn is the classic introvert: guarded and harder to get to know.

Libra sees Capricorn as being too rigid, uptight and hard-working. Capricorn sees Libra as being too soft, accommodating and easy-going.

Libra feels Capricorn is too distant and reserved. They can misconstrue Capricorn’s emotional coolness as a lack of interest. Capricorn feels Libra lacks ambition because of their affinity for aesthetics, comfort, beauty, and pleasantries which show a lack of drive and ambition.

Libra is the friend and partner. Capricorn the boss and owner. Libra is peers and people sharing power and authority. Capricorn is authority figures and worldly success. Libra is more about the process of getting to the end result. Capricorn is physical and tangible results.

Libra needs to understand Capricorn’s round-the-clock working patterns, and Capricorn must be willing to accommodate Libra’s social needs and take-it-easy attitude.

Libra can help Capricorn become more relaxed and socially conscious, and Capricorn can inspire Libra to work more toward their professional potentials.

Both signs have an appreciation for etiquette and appropriate social behavior. There is a dislike for people who are impulsive, egocentric or undisciplined. Both signs are intellectually inclined. They are more comfortable with rationality than emotions and feelings.

Despite all these differences and adjustments, this is a smart and capable combination with many intellectual talents and professional skills.

Libra’s people skills and social awareness can work with Capricorn’s organizational and business skills. I have several successful clients with this sign combination in human resources, fashion and design, and the world of business and art.

If you need further explanation with any of this information, contact me. And please forward this information to your family and friends.

What’s going on in your horoscope and your life?

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