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The Democratic Hopefuls

Ed Kluska’s Astrology & Mindful Living Newsletter

With the Democrats taking the stage tonight for a two-hour encounter in a Las Vegas casino, it’s a good time to “check the stars” for the leading Democratic presidential candidates.

Hillary on Hold

Hillary Clinton (a Scorpio born October 26, 1947) has been leading most of the Democratic polls even though she has been “held back” by a significant astrological aspect.

Saturn, the planet which can negate, diminish and hold back, has been sitting on her Jupiter, the planet related to growth, opportunity and success.

This aspect occurs once every 29 years in everyone’s horoscope. It tends to put prosperity on hold and also bring to a head important business, professional, and legal matters in one’s life.

The exact dates for this aspect are a few weeks before September 24 and October 5 in her geocentric horoscope, and a few weeks before September 28 and October 29 in her heliocentric horoscope.

This aspect is probably related to all the issues and controversies surrounding the handling of her emails and the 2012 Benghazi embassy attack.

She does have a short–term plus tonight. The Moon enters Scorpio this afternoon and will be near her Sun in early Scorpio. This aspect occurs once a month in everyone’s horoscope, and is exact for her around the time of this debate.

Bernie Keeps Coming

My September 02, 2015 newsletter “Here Comes Bernie” explained that Bernie Sanders (a Virgo born September 8, 1941) was under the favorable influence of Jupiter in Virgo.

This summer I stated that he should be a factor in the coming Democratic campaign because Jupiter, the planet of growth, advantage, fortune, and prosperity, was entering his Virgo birth sign on August 11, and remains there for the coming year.

Even better for him is that Jupiter will be exact to his Sun the next three weeks. This favorable aspect occurs once every 12 years in everyone’s horoscope. This could give him a bump up in support because this debate is his first national stage which should greatly increase his name recognition.

Joe under Duress

Poor Joe Biden (a Scorpio born November 20, 1942). He is experiencing one of the most stressful astrological aspects there is. Saturn in Sagittarius is now opposite his Uranus in Gemini. This provocative aspect occurs once every 29 years everyone’s horoscope, and peaks for him October 19 and 29.

It is related to unusual emotional strains and tensions: a push and pull between wanting to be free and do your thing (Uranus) and delays and obstacles (Saturn).

This aspect does not mean he should not or will not run for the presidency. My advice for him would be to stand aside a little longer, and let this storm pass. When we are under stressful aspects astrologically, we are more likely to make poor judgments and mistakes.

If you need further explanation with any of this information, contact me. And please forward this information to your family and friends.

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