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Not the Best Time

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Last night, the Mayor of Cincinnati, John Cranley, gave the 2015 State of the City speech to a standing-room only crowd at the Champion’s Club downtown where more than 700 people – city leaders, community leaders and citizens – signed up to attend.

Outside a group of about 50 women and men from Cincinnati Radical Feminist Collective protested the possible closure of the local Planned Parenthood clinic. Their chants of protest could be heard inside.

The mayor touted the city's successes over the past year, and then focused on two areas: child poverty and gun violence.

He proposed the creation of a child poverty task force with the goal of lifting 10,000 children out of poverty over the next five years. And the dedication of time and leadership to reduce gun violence, something which plagues just about every major American city.

Choosing the best time to start something is called Election Astrology. It’s choosing the best time to start a project, meeting, business, marriage, or any other defined activity. Ideally, there are no detriments (unfavorable influences) in the sky, and the stars are favorably aligned for both the event and the person(s) involved.

The problem is that despite the great crowd and the mayor’s good intentions, his State of the City speech was not given at the best of times. There were three significant detriments.

The Moon was Void (not much comes out of new projects or initiatives), Mercury is Retrograde (what we start turns out much differently), and the Sun was square Pluto (power struggles and hidden, complicated issues and disparities).

These are not the worst of astrological detriments, but this was certainly not a time I would have picked.

Note that such speeches are probably set in time such as the first Monday of October so the mayor or any other elected official does not have much leeway or choice as to when a speech is given. They have to do the best they can no matter what the stars say.

Another example is with the President of the United States. The times for Inaugural and State of the Union speeches are set by law.

All this does not mean astrology rules. Nor does it mean the mayor is not a good mayor, his intentions are not noble, and his proposals will not work out at all.

It means that the chances of successfully implementing and completing his proposals are reduced because symbolically they were announced at a not so ideal time.

Child poverty and gun violence are complicated issues that face serious obstacles and challenges no matter what the timing is. But on one level or another, something else is not right here. Time will tell.

If you need further explanation with any of this information, contact me. And please forward this information to your family and friends.

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