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Leo Virgo: Regal Servitude

Ed Kluska’s Astrology & Mindful Living Newsletter:

Leo Virgo: Regal Servitude The Sun remains in Leo along with Venus and Mars. The Moon entered Virgo early this morning to join Mercury and Jupiter also in Virgo. The Moon enters the next sign Libra Monday afternoon. With so much emphasis on Leo and Virgo this weekend, it’s a good time to have fun, enjoy yourself, and play with the kids (all Leo-related) as well as take care of some detail work, complete tasks at home or your office, and help others in one way or another (all Virgo–related). Probably what you were going to do anyway. If Leo and Virgo are emphasized in your horoscope or relationships, you need to understand and adjust to the innate differences between these two signs. Leo is the most naturally confident sign of the zodiac. Virgo one of the more insecure. Leo says, “I’m the leader and boss. You need to take my direction.” Virgo says, “I need to prove myself by doing a good job and helping others.” Leo is “let’s party and have a good time” while Virgo is “let me help you with the details and clean up after the party.” Leo represents kings and queens while Virgo is more the helper and assistant. Leo assumes its natural role of prominence while Virgo is more the supporter in the background. Leo is the extrovert wanting to be on stage and take the limelight. Virgo is the introvert willing to work behind the scenes making sure everything is operating efficiently and effectively. A fancy restaurant featuring entertainment is a good example of the differences between Leo and Virgo. Leo represents the bandleader, star singer, head chef and maitre d’. Virgo represents the valets, cooks, waiters, dishwashers, and maintenance and service personnel. Clients with Leo and Virgo emphasized in their horoscope recognize and resonate with these qualities. The Leo part of their personality brings forth a fun-loving, creative nature with a regal austerity. The Virgo part enables them to be willing to help and serve others. In relationships, the fire of Leo can singe Virgo’s need to feel confident and achieve certainty and order in their lives. And the picky, discriminating nature of earth-sign Virgo can dampen the enthusiasm and life force of fiery Leo. Professionally, this sign combination can do well when the friendly, confident personality traits of Leo integrate with the discriminating and productive work ethic of Virgo. By the way, if you are Virgo or Virgo is significant in your horoscope, do not be offended by comments which seem to suggest that Virgos need to take a lesser role. Every sign has its strong and weak points. Every sign has its function and place in the world. One of the signs has to be related to serving others and taking care of the details of everyday life, and it is Virgo. Furthermore, these newsletters describe more the functions and meanings of the signs versus trying to describe your personality via the qualities I assign to each sun sign. If you need further explanation with any of this information, contact me. And please forward this information to your family and friends. What’s going on in your horoscope and your life? Contact me to schedule a personal consultation so we can plan your future and you can know more about your relationships, career, education, finances, children, parents, travel, health, location, karma, and any issues in your life. Ed Kluska B.S. Physics M.S. Psychology C.A. Certified Astrologer Meditation Teacher 44 Years in Practice 545 Ludlow Ave Cincinnati, OH 45220 513-861-6100

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