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The Sweetest of Them All

Ed Kluska’s Astrology & Mindful Living Newsletter:

The Sweetest of Them All

My “Positive Alert” newsletter earlier this month stated that on certain days during June there will be exceptionally favorable alignments in the sky. In fact, they are some of the best for this year. Today and tomorrow are two of these days. The Moon entered Sagittarius late Sunday evening and will make a series of harmonious aspects today and tomorrow until it becomes Void Tuesday afternoon until entering the next sign Capricorn Wednesday morning. And with the Moon in Sagittarius, the time is ripe for anything Sagittarius–related. This includes sales, marketing, promotion, advertising, online activity, consulting, lecturing, classes and seminars, publishing, academics, broadcasting, media, exploration, and international connections. What makes these days more special is that Venus and Jupiter, the two major benefic planets, are now aligned in Leo, and this aspect peaks Wednesday morning. Look out in the sky at night and you will see these two bright, beautiful lights. Venus and Jupiter is the “sweetest” of the planetary alignments because their alignment in a personal horoscope promises popularity, luck, and good fortune as well as the tendencies to be attractive, tactful, gracious, kind, benevolent, sympathetic, generous and charitable. Anyone born with this aspect such as those born this week, will find likely such blessings mark their lifetime. As I have emphasized before, all this does not mean everything will now go smoothly for you and the world. Today and tomorrow may be far from the best days of your life due to discordance in your own personal horoscope. It means that, overall, this is a better time to be doing and starting things as opposed to when my newsletters offer cautions and warnings. If you need further explanation with any of this information, contact me. And please forward this information to your family and friends. What’s going on in your horoscope and your life? Contact me to schedule a personal consultation so we can plan your future and you can know more about your relationships, career, education, finances, children, parents, travel, health, location, karma, and any issues in your life. Ed Kluska B.S. Physics M.S. Psychology C.A. Certified Astrologer Meditation Teacher 44 Years in Practice 545 Ludlow Ave Cincinnati, OH 45220 513-861-6100

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