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About Ed Kluska

Ed Kluska

For fifty years I have been helping people from all walks of life and from all over the world with the wisdom of astrology.
On the phone or in person, I will give you many helpful insights about your life and future. I will help you resolve your issues with good advice and optimize your opportunities with good timing.
My basic philosophy is that your birth chart (set up for your time, date and place of birth) is the blueprint and map for your life. It explains your inborn character, potentials, tendencies and possibilities. But you make the choices that decide your future.
After receiving my undergraduate degree in physics in 1968 and master's degree in psychology in 1971, I have studied, taught and researched astrology extensively. I have the highest certification from the world's top astrology organizations and offer comprehensive consultation and coaching services for my clients.


My office is in Cincinnati, Ohio, in Clifton near the University of Cincinnati.





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